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David Beckett is the creator of the Best3Minutes Pitch Methodology, a TEDx speech coach and author of Pitch To Win. He’s also the creator of The Pitch Canvas©, and has trained over 850 Startups and 13,000 professionals.

David began his work life at Canon, where he worked his way up from marketing Assistant to Country Director across a 16 year career. He left the corporate world in 2009, and write a book about Amsterdam. In the following four years, he had five jobs, and was fired from two. This drove him to re-assess his true passion, combining presentation and coaching, and David quickly got connected to the Startup world.

He discovered that helping pitchers deal with time pressure fitted him perfectly. He focused ruthlessly on finding ways to help startups and innovators to deliver their message successfully in just a few minutes, and to get the funding and resources they need.

He is an Englishman, based in Amsterdam, has a wife and two children, and lists running, writing and family(!) as his hobbies.

David’s workshops are all about practical tools that you can put into action during the workshop, and in the weeks and months after the workshop. Included are a selection of printed and digital materials, including 3 x Pitch Tip Cards; a free App with videos of pitch tips and real pitches; and a short online course as a lifetime resource of the tools and exercises shares in the workshop.

Workshops offered, group size 8-50 persons;

1. Half Day Pitch To Win workshop;
In this practical, active workshop, David will share the steps and tools to prepare for your winning pitch. You’ll get guidance on how to build your storyline creatively, how to make your message understandable and memorable, and how to open and close powerfully. Afterwards, you’ll receive a selection of materials and access to an App that will help you deliver your best pitches ever.

2. Full Day Pitch To Win workshop
David offers his half day pitch workshop together with an additional half day of 1:1 coaching sessions for a maximum of 8 people. Any number can join the morning sessions, and a limited number for the afternoon 1:1 training, where David assesses what the needs are of individuals and provides specific advice and tools for the individual to take big steps forward run the quality of their pitches.

3. Full Day workshop – Script, Design and Deliver your Winning Pitch
David Beckett – Pitch Coach offers his half day pitch workshop together with an additional half day of training on Slide Design for non-Designers, and On Stage Presence


  • Clarity and Consistency

Guiding your professionals to communicate one message of what you stand for as a company – clearly and concisely.

  • Efficient Communication

Helping your people present the essentials, saving time and increasing clarity in meetings and with customers.

  • Innovation Program Demo Day

We help your innovation teams pitch new business ideas for investment, resources and senior sponsorship – creating growth.

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