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Dean Furman is on a mission to transform the way the world thinks about innovation, disruption and the new age of work. He wants you to join him.

As CEO and founder of 1064 Degrees, Dean partners with CEOs and leaders of companies of all sizes. He saves them from the agony of being disrupted and gives them a new mindset and toolset to disrupt their industry.

Dean’s knack for connecting things that others seem to overlook, was clear from early in his career. As a young Actuary, Dean twice won the Discovery award for the best annual actuarial innovation, beating a couple hundred more experienced peers. In 2015, after launching multiple first to market innovations and products, he was appointed by the Alexander Forbes group to head up Innoruption Holdings – a disruptive skunkworks, focused on investigating and developing disruptive and ground-breaking new solutions.

As part of the journey, he created a new revenue generating division for the group, put together a multi-million rand partnership with a cutting edge technology provider in the US and developed other game changing initiatives. Dean’s success and his creations were highlighted by almost all top local publications and in 2016 was acknowledged by the Mail & Guardian as one of the top South Africans under 35 years old. Dean is the author of the acclaimed ‘Exponential Potential’ which was released in stores in December 2017. In his ground-breaking book, he shares his experience and covers practically every element of growing a company, innovating and disrupting in this new age of work.

Dean is more than a Futurist, he is a ‘Nowist’ – he believes that while tomorrow will bring even more amazing possibilities, today’s untouched opportunities are insane. What better way to prepare for the future than to create it today?

Dean has a diverse range of topics:


  • Unleash your Exponential Potential
  • Disrupt before being disrupted
  • Know-it-alls will go extinct, become a learn-it-all
  • New tools, New Rules
  • Global acceleration, so much more than just an inconvenient truth


Just some of the companies I have worked with:

Tiger Brands
Exclusive Books

Dawn of Disruption board game teaches players about how to make money from AI

We all know or have an inkling of an idea of what artificial intelligence (AI) is, but do you know what your company or business could use it for?

SA innovation expert and futurist Dean Furman has launched Dawn of Disruption, a board-game that teaches players about the theoretical uses of AI, including the technology’s profit-boosting applications.

Furman’s game shares real-life examples of how AI is being used, as well as case studies of companies that can supply the technology. He claims the gamified learning delivers return on investment as learnings can be applied straight away.

He said it was more important for most to understand what can be done through machine learning and other AI methods than the underlying algorithms.

“This is equivalent to teaching a learner driver, about how an engine works. This is important for mechanics but not as important for those looking to get from A to B,” he explained.

Furman believes too many “great orators” are latching onto this “hot topic” of disruptive innovation and the Fourth Industrial Revolution and providing great inspiration, but without any depth that can be used by those listening to make a practical difference to their businesses or lives.

“Executives and founders often stream to large, glitzy events to hear some mind-blowing information but then go back to their desks after a super day out without being able to use the information to move the needle in their businesses,” he said.

The game, Furman claims, lets players see first hand how different professions are being disrupted by AI..

“In the game, players will inevitably understand this more deeply as they disrupt their fellow players’ professionals using specific artificial intelligence cards,” he explained.

Country of Residence:

South Africa


Winning in the digital age - a framework for disrupting, before being disrupted
Organisational neuroplasticity - rewire your corporate brain to become an innovation machine
Leading in the 4th Industrial revolution
Dawn of Disruption board game teaches players about how to make money from AI
How to achieve real success in the age of artificial intelligence

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      • Tzila M
        12 May 2020 at 10:25 am

        I’ve listened to Dean speak many times, he is truly brilliant!

        Keynote Talk - Live

      • Dina M
        12 May 2020 at 10:24 am

        I’ve listened to Dean speak many times, he is amazing!

        Keynote Talk - Live

      • Mark David
        3 May 2020 at 9:23 am

        Africa’s top futurist without a doubt

        Keynote Talk - Live

      • Gareth Francis
        3 May 2020 at 9:12 am

        We used Dean for our end of year conference and he had everyone’s attention from start to finish. He is a futurist, but speaks at a level everyone can relate to but is just soooo deep

        Keynote Talk - Live

      • Kumalo Singo
        3 May 2020 at 9:09 am

        We have used Furman many times at Absa and we keep bringing him back because he is inspiring, his content is fresh and his insights are actionable

        100% recommended!!!!

        Keynote Talk - Live

      • Saul Levinrand
        3 May 2020 at 9:02 am

        He blew us away.. It was absolutely mind-blowing. Dean is incredible

        Keynote Talk - Live

      • J benjamin
        3 May 2020 at 8:59 am

        South Africa’s best without a question

        Keynote Talk - Live

      • Duncan Hesketh
        22 April 2020 at 5:03 pm

        “Dean has presented 3 sessions to NIC (with a further 5 planned sessions) on the Nedbank New World. This includes the mindset needed to innovate and win in this new digital age; why large organizations, like Nedbank, are being disrupted faster than ever before; the potential that is now possible for those plugged into the new world of digital and technology; how to come up with game-changing winning solutions to serve your clients better than before as well as daily digital enablers to enhance your everyday work.

        These sessions have proven extremely effective to the point that more sessions have been requested to take the message to more staff. Dean shared provocative ideas and concepts to broaden their mindset for a disruptive and agile way of thinking so the leaders could build their business plans with a different approach. He has a very calming way of approaching the topics with good practical examples and analogies that all can relate to.

        I can highly recommend these sessions. ”

        – Helena Kirsten, Head of Learning and Development Nedbank NIC

        Keynote Talk - Live

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