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San Diego, California

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Whether it’s an audience of 1 or 10,000, Debbra Sweet performs with intention to connect with the audience and deliver results.


Years of practice and performance as a musician, hosting her own radio show, and motivational speaking has given Debbra stamina for her high energy and passion that is evident and effervescent in her headlining style. She also knows how to engage your audience without creating overwhelm.

Cher has been an icon of Debbra’s since she was a little girl. Big hair, gorgeous clothes, shoes, jewelry, laughing, singing, dancing… her strong sass and playfulness to express with that powerful, soulful voice…

Well, turns out she has been more than an icon to Debbra. Cher’s been part of Debbra’s performance avatar for years. Now she’s bringing her version of Cher to life!

Cher’d is available for Appearances, Walk Throughs, Hosting, VIP Events and Celebrity Shows for your event.

Live, full production shows, or even Cher’d Unplugged.

She’s comfortable on stage and it shows. Connecting with intimate audiences or working with large crowds, Debbra Sweet reads her audience well and delivers her performances from the heart.

Debbra IS San Diego’s Own “Cher”

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