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Discovering our doorsteps, one roadtrip at a time!

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Like so many around the world, we are also taking this time to venture near – to Discovering our doorsteps what beautiful destinations we have close to us, some that we had overlooked for the more exotic. Every week we’ll be sharing a new destination in Turkey, trying to unravel the mysteries – one road trip at a time!

WEEK 2: Phyrgian Valley – Kütahya & Uşak & Afyon

Phrygians, an ancient people whose power hit its peak in 8th century B.C. left, and gifted the world with many legends of antiquity are often not shown the attention they deserve. With the cultural & infrastructure investment going into this region, MEP Family loved discovering its many secrets… Be it King Midas, who’s touch turned everything into gold, or Gordias, who’s knot was only cut but Alexandre the Great – the stories have led to a proud landscape full of natural and historical sights.

We especially enjoyed;

Antique Greek city of Aizanoi and its current village of Çavdarhisar:

This ancient city is a sight for sore eyes, amid emptiness, rises its grand temple and the surprise alter room underneath!

Mehmet Gürsoy, who is a UNESCO Living Human Heritage, and his “çini” atelier in an old mansion in the old town of Kütahya:

Newly opened Uşak Archaeology Museum and its world-famous Lydian Treasures!

These burial treasures, from  from 7th century B.C., have twice been stolen from Turkey and now displayed in all their glory at this beautiful museum.

Hiking & discovering the Phyrgian Remains in Afyon’s Valleys Whether The secret Roman sculpture museum at Kütahya Air Force Base – open for those who knock on the door! Really!

By Eda Özden Günyüz, Managing Director at MEP Destination Business Solutions

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