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DMC-Sweden is a full scope destination management bureau with local offices in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Estonia.

At DMC Nordic we are passionate about creating an ever-evolving landscape of customized experiences for both business events and high-end cruise experiences.

We always observe the industry trends, so we can design programs and events that help to communicate clients’ expectations through creative and inspiring experiences, making sure our solutions are locally relevant and meaningful for all visitors.

Are you seeking something unconventional, beyond the ordinary experiences, uprising destinations, high-end sustainability programs, the trendiest locations, and products?

Are you craving for new emerging destinations for your incentives, meetings, events, and cruise programs in Northern Europe?

Wishing to find inspirational and creative ideas? Then there is no need to look any further!

We always deliver with efficiency, dedication, and personal touch but we know that simply meeting your goals may just not do the magic.

We stay hungry, creative and driven to exceed what can be expected in the hope that you will be as inspired by our destinations as we are – this is why we say “Stay Nordic Cool, Leave Inspired!”

Sweden is a treat for all senses. Whether you travel to seek tranquility in nature, thrill in outdoor activities, indulgence in food, history, inspiration in design, architecture, music, lifestyle or technology?

Rest assured that Sweden will fascinate you and surpass your expectations!

Sweden’s natural wonders, the Swedish cities, coastlines and archipelagos are waiting for you to come claim your right to absorb Swedish nature, art and design, world class food and kindness of locals.

Imagine all of the above while still staying true to the Swedish concept of “Lagom”.

For many people outside Sweden, it’s a new Scandi lifestyle buzzword on the block but for Swedes it’s a phrase for a long tradition of just the right amount in everything: not too little, not too much, just the right amount, the perfect balance – just like Sweden.

If you want to embrace the Swedish lifestyle then you should start by having fika, the delightful custom of enjoying a coffee and a treat with friends.

Fika is as Swedish as ABBA. Well, isn’t it just a coffee break you might think?

Not quite. It is much more than that. So embedded in the Swedish essence it is now the custom that some companies add a clause to contracts declaring that employees are entitled to fika breaks.

No wonder that Swedes among the top consumers of coffee in the entire world!

It is not only coffee and cinnamon buns that will attract food lovers, Sweden is also a foodie destination extending a wide culinary span with an ever-increasing focus on sustainable cooking methods and local ingredients. In Swedish cities new restaurants emerge constantly, intermingling with more traditional eateries.

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Welcome to Sweden
DMC Sweden AB

The midnight sun, Vikings, ABBA, Nobel, long list of World Heritage sites, clean air, beautiful landscape, history, world-class cultural hub

and culinary melting pot… just to name a few of many reasons to come and indulge.
Come as you are to the place open for everyone and allow us to take you on an adventure that will tickle all your senses while exploring the beauty, the history and the hidden gems of Sweden!

Inspired and want to know more?

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