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Don Packett is a Raconteur, Virtual MC, coach, professional speaker, author, live-MC and stand-up comedian.

Speaker Specialist. Purveyor of Perspective. Armed with Alliteration.

Don eats, sleeps and breathes leadership, tech and business growth. From working with some of the world's top leaders and speakers, he creates and drives narrative, process and structure for individuals and organisations alike in order to achieve true business success.

Keynote Topic #1

    LEGOrise Your Business - Business lessons from one of the most iconic brands of our time.

    LEGO, puzzle-makers and IKEA have been tricking us for years. “Buy our product, and build it yourself.” What a simple, powerful business model! But, do you have what it takes to re-think your business operations and offering to secure this lucrative model?

    From Clear Purpose to Building Systems That Matter, Don’s trademark light-hearted humour blended with practical tools for growth delivers what he believes are key elements that we should all be focusing on to build a business that works not only for the customer, but for our employees as well, while maintaining a level of fun envied by all.

    Organisations looking for inspiration and key business focus

Keynote Topic #2

    The Psychology of Sales - We're all in sales, act appropriately.

    It’s a fact: We’re always selling. Whether your business card says ‘salesperson’ or not, every individual working in an organisation –in some way, shape or form –is selling. So why don’t we act that way? Well, because we’re not rewarded that way. But, if we can find a common understanding that we’re all (always) selling, the role of sales in the business not only becomes a shared journey, but a great, unified destination.

    From The Laws of Attraction to Trust and Relevance, Don’s trademark light-hearted humour blended with practical tools for change delivers what he believes are the most pressing topics that we should all be aligned to, to ensure a focussed business and motivated sales team.

    Sales teams looking a new way of honing their craft.

Keynote Topic #3

    In Search of Excellence - Navigating the journey, and making decisions that count.

    Almost four decades since Peters and Waterman wrote “In Search Of Excellence”, the business world has been trying to master the key lessons from the book. Lessons we’ve heard in every strategy-defining brainstorm time and time again. Were the lessons wrong? Not at all. Are they still relevant? Mostly. Were the goals difficult to achieve? Of course! Otherwise, we’d all already be excellent, right?

    From Opportunity and DIY to Loving Risk, Don’s trademark light-hearted humour blended with practical tools delivers what he believes are the five most pressing topics that organisations should be focusing on to ensure a successfully defined, legacy-breaking business operation and strategy.

    Leadership teams in need of a reset with regards to strategy.

        • WeSpeak Global
          12/31/2021 at 10:10 am

          “I’ve been working with Don and his team for close on 10 years and not once have I been left thinking, ‘Wow, that’s exactly what I asked for’. The reason for that is I have always got so much more.”

          Shaun Edmeston: FNB Commercial

        • WeSpeak Global
          12/31/2021 at 10:10 am

          “We invited Don to talk at one of our regular ‘Heavy Chef’ events, on slowing down in the speedy era of digital. It was one of the most popular sessions of our calendar, with Don providing a strong mix of scything humour and fresh insight.”

          Fred Roed – World Wide Creative: CEO

        • WeSpeak Global
          12/31/2021 at 10:07 am

          “Don didn’t just present ‘Speed Kills’, he told a fantastic story which resonated with our audience, provoked thought and inspired action. Great energy and objective achieved!”

          Jaco Markwat – Wonderware: Sales and Marketing Director

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