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Dr Bill Price has two PhD’s one bestowed him for this outstanding top leadership and management development, coaching and mentoring in the 32 Anglo African countries over the past 23 years.

The academic doctorate is focused on Integrative wholistic executive strategic coaching and mentoring of African Executives in an African context, within a global perspective.

He is an International Member of th eUK Futurist Group; FORESIGHT.

Bill pays attention to the unfolding trends in ANGLO-Africa regarding the evolving of leadership, customer engagement, training into integrated learning, the evovling family in africa, entrepenueurialism and spirituality.

Being an Internationally qualified Neuroscience Practitioner, mentored by a Neurosurgeon,Bill helps C-Suite leaders to “Hack and understand how to use their whole brain” in leadership and management contexts.

African Royalty are on his list of international clients and he is a member of the world famous Singularity University campus group, in S Africa. Bill also was a FELLOW of the Institute of Company directors SA.

His articles, as a columnist  in the Sunday Times Business Times section were a hit for two years as he wrote about unfolding leadership and management in a coaching perspective.

He has written many articles for National Magazines such as Management Today, HR International and others.

Bill’s keen sharp sense of humour adds to the very unique way in which he does presentations. They are definitely not another “death by Powerpoint” style. He integrates the brain into the “now” as each listener interacts with their own realities and weaves the solutions and options offered through out the highly experientially based presentation. Not a boring moment. Pre presentation research is done to ensure audience and content connection with a high return on investment.

He speaks on topics that are co- designed to meet the contextual specificity of each company while integrating the latest practical wisdom and insight on the given subjects of his expertise.

The ethics, professionalism and excellence are part of his package of being.

He creates unforgettable images through remarkable stories , music and metaphors.

Bill engages everyone in the audience with his eyes, his homer, wit, African-originality and with his spirit He is grounded in over 20,000 one-on-one hours of face to face executive coaching for C Suite leaders, teams and Boards across the world. He is not into feel good philosophy but into what works. He has walked the talk, handled personal failure and coached many through the pain of regret and failure in business along with merges and acquisitions of note.

Bill moves people to action with meaning to drive then and draw them toward personal and collective success.

Strategically connecting people potential to purpose

·           Inter‐Active Work shops

·           Key Notes

Bill has spoken on, taught, facilitated, coached and work shopped the following topics over the years. Each topic is thoroughly researched and personalised to fit into the company/organisation’s DNA.

It focuses highly on the outcomes, gaps and needs to be addressed along with very practical input that determines the ‘How to do the next steps toward the outcomes’, issues.

Throughout his career Bill has led and been part of the following World of Work–related projects:

o   Identified Future Leadership Trends within a South African context;

o   Identified Principles of success, values, beliefs and best practises already functioning in schools, communities and colleges through interviews and assessments of over 1,384 leaders.

o   Discover your natural Latent Abilities (Assessment of BMC International Germany Headquarters)

o   This international instrument was “South Africanised” in terms of raw data, norms, reliability and validity with a team including academics/researchers from UNISA;

o   Aligned the 17 criteria and the items with South African culture – specifics;

-   Trained over 300 managers to use the instrument for selection and recruitment of:

  • Sales Consultants
  • Management to Senior Levels
  • Counselling / Career Counselling
  • Personal Development Plan Roll‐out

Position: African Region HR General Manager

o   Headed up the Southern African Focus Team;

o   Linked with Harvard representatives, Warren Bennis’ work, to discover what was beyond the horizon in terms of:

-   Training Trends within Cultures

-   Leadership Trends within Cultures

-   Teamness Trends within Cultures

-   Customer Care Trends within Cultures

We predicted that coaching and mentoring would be the next generation leadership tool 12 years before it came to South Africa.

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  • Holcim Dudfield
    06/26/2020 at 7:45 am

    “Coaching our business unit leaders over the past two years has been an amazing and beyond‐awesome experience! The measurable growth has exceeded what we expected. The facts and reality speak for themselves. Let the relationship continue.” Holcim Dudfield – General Manager

    Keynote Talk - Live

  • Conference Planning Committee
    06/25/2020 at 3:10 pm

    “You were highlighted as the most effective, connected and influential speaker and workshop facilitator. We went on a journey beyond the norm and obvious. We touched the inner workings and it made so much sense. Thank you for your being alive, humorous and so damn good!”

    Conference Planning Committee
    Sasol International Leadership Conference

    Keynote Talk - Live

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