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As a high performance expert, motivational speaker and coach, Dr. Floyd Spence helps business leaders and high achievers to develop high-performance habits, so they may reach their highest potential and experience growth in business and in life.


He believes that every single person has the seed of greatness within them. Also, he believes that this greatness often gets buried by fear of failure and the limits that are often placed on us by society and our own beliefs.


It’s only when we learn to shift our way of thinking that we are able to achieve our full potential. In the motivational keynote speaking field, Dr. Floyd has been hired by organizations to unlock potential, develop leadership skills, improve performance and train mindset for greater productivity.


A Leader and Authority in the Field of Personal Development and High Performance


Beating the odds, Dr. Floyd made his dream come true, when he became the first person in his family to ever attend and graduate from university.


Dr. Floyd who was born into poverty, suffered with low self-esteem for years and who spent two years in the tenth grade, attributes his success, to mastering a set of high performance principles that he now uses to get his clients stellar results. 


As an authority on high performance and mindset, Dr. Floyd teaches business leaders and high achievers, the psychology and methodology used by top producers to become their best.


Furthermore, he uses the "DREAM IT. PLAN IT. ACHIEVE IT." framework when engaged in coaching or speaking.


Over the past 20 years, he has spoken globally delivering more than 5000 presentations to various corporations, professional associations, conventions, churches, and leadership conferences. Dr. Floyd travels the globe empowering diverse audiences with his practical, research based, high performance driven keynote talks, leadership training and team building programs.


Dr. Floyd Spence


In addition, he coaches business leaders and high achievers on the topics of performance, leadership, mental toughness, relationship and productivity.


Dr. Floyd holds a M.A. degree in Psychology, a DMin degree in Marriage and Family, and is currently pursuing a PhD in Industrial and Organizational Psychology at Liberty University.


He also holds a Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching, and is a Certified John Maxwell Leadership Trainer.


He is a Certified DISC Practitioner, a Certified Mental Toughness Practitioner - MTQPlus, a Registered Psychotherapist and a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with the International Coach Federation (ICF), an organization that sets rigorous standards of excellence in professional coaching worldwide.

Dr. Floyd Spence who is also a retired military officer (Capt.) in the Canadian Armed Forces, lives in Toronto, Canada, with his wife, two children, and their adorable dog Niko.

Keynote Topic #1

Beyond Limits

Breaking personal and professional barriers through high performance.


Dr. Floyd shares how to identify, grow and amplify your ability, so that you may unlock your greatness, blow the cap off your capacity, and achieve phenomenal results.


In this presentation, Dr. Floyd reveals:

How to use self-awareness to identify possibilities.
How to unleash and develop your untapped potential.
How to stay driven, motivated and on purpose.
How to use challenges as step ladders to win in life.
How to move from good to great and from great to phenomenal.

Keynote Topic #2

Born To Win 

How to unleash your highest potential and be your best.


Dr. Floyd shares his high performance formula that is drawn from the fields of neuroscience, psychology and exercise science, to create a unique system that is focused on action and optimum results.

In this presentation, Dr. Floyd reveals:

  • The benefits and power of self-awareness.
  • The importance of personal & professional mastery.
  • How goal setting correlates with gaining the winning edge.
  • How to develop mental toughness and a growth mindset
  • The physical and psychological connection to improved performance.
Keynote Topic #3

The Winning Mindset  

How to develop mental toughness and thrive under pressure.


Dr. Floyd shares a series of proven strategies, that will help you overcome limiting beliefs, build unstoppable confidence and get you breakthrough results.

In this presentation, Dr. Floyd reveals:

What mental toughness is, why it’s important, and why we all need it.
How to get beyond mere existing, so you may start thriving.
Specific tools and techniques to develop mental toughness for optimal performance.
How to identify and overcome obstacles and challenges that undermines your purpose.
How to interrupt your story, develop an unbeatable mind and live a charged life.

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