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Dr Thando Sibanda is a leadership and corporate development expert who through customized Inspirational keynotes and in-depth interventions, helps teams and organizations get unstuck, progress from any point where they are towards their desired goals.

Dr Thando Sibanda holds a PHD in Leadership and Management and currently heads up Ideal Traits PTY LTD, an international people development company.

The following professional training and speaking services are available in the nature of keynotes or workshops done at your company that will help amplify your corporate message and inspire staff at your next corporate meeting, conference or retreat.

Available as Keynotes and Full day workshops.

 Culture will eat Strategy for Breakfast – (Creating an enabling culture that will propel and not sink your Organisation).

The “unsinkable” 52,000-ton vessel Titanic, hull torn and ultimately broken in half, lay resting at the bottom of the ocean. Presumably we also all know the reason: a collision with a massive, and unexpected, iceberg. The real truth that matters more than ever for today’s companies is the Titanic was doomed from the start due to a flawed organsiational culture.

As businesses look to navigate the treacherous waters of disruption, the Titanic can teach us a lot. It was not the iceberg that led to the downfall of the ship, rather, it was a culture of overconfidence, narrow-mindedness and a lack of balance between innovation, and risk of the company and its leaders, who did not acknowledge the intrinsic flaws in the ship’s design. The White Star Line, owners of the Ocean liner had a ‘watertight’ strategy: complete construction according to the timetable. Put out to sea with great fanfare. Arrive in New York on time. This engaging, reflective and insightful keynote will inspire organisational leaders to dive deeper than the tip of the iceberg because indeed, culture will eat strategy for breakfast lunch and Dinner.

Creating a Winning Mindset – Winners are not just born…they are also made
In this informative and lively neuroscience driven keynote, Dr Thando moves mediocre performers into champions through inspiring the very core of our existence, the subconscious mind. A tweak in the belief system and internal processing metas will turn a failure mind-set into a winning one. One can not shift the behaviours of leaders, managers and employees unless the mindset shifts first.

The value system gets a facelift, new neuropathways are created and we reach out to the winner’s podium – where we all belong. An organisation with employees who are fully present, fully engaged and fully functional will win and achieve its goals. This intervention is a must have for individuals and organisations eager to let go of limiting beliefs and thrive in this disruptive business landscape with a winning mindset.

The Power of your Print – (Living life on purpose)
There are 7.3 Billion people on the planet today. What makes others stand out and others fail? Everyone is born with a print. You live with one and when you die, you leave one behind. Your print is the most powerful asset you have. There are four prints every individual or business have in their success DNA.

These prints reflect purpose, identity, value proposition and influence. Successful people and businesses know how to identify and leverage on the power of their print. In this intervention, Dr Thando Sibanda deconstructs the 4 major prints of your life that connect one to purposeful living, unleashing unlimited potential for both personal and business success.

The four Members of a Team – (Building Team Effectiveness)
“One is too Small a number to win championships”. In this deeply inspirational and reflective intervention, Dr Thando deconstructs the secret behind winning teams and takes the audience through the   4MT® Model on the four members   of a winning team.

This model profiles the four key functions of team members and helps everyone find themselves in the team setup. Each different part of the relay represents a team philosophy and practice that eliminates silo mindsets and implosive competition within the same team. This transformation training is a must have for organisations that believe in building and fostering the culture of working in teams.

Disruption & Fusion – (Embracing the 4th Industrial Revolution)
There are approx 150 million businesses globally grasping for oxygen and there’s more bad news… Disruption is here again. We stand on the brink of a technological revolution that is fundamentally altering the way we live, work, and relate to one another. It’s called the 4th Industrial revolution(4IR). It is characterized by a fusion of technologies that is blurring the lines between the physical, digital, and biological spheres.

It’s a buzz word on every organisation and governement’s lips. How will your business respond to the complex customer needs and the sheer bruising pace of doing business in the 21st century. Join Dr Thando on a riveting rollercoaster ride into the 4th industrial revolution… a fusion of humans, drones and autobots, doing business side by side.

What makes this service different to others?

Dr Thando Sibanda is an engaging and inspiring speaker that leaves audiences with a memorable take away. His intervention will benefit your organisation in the following ways:

  • Help amplify your corporate message to staff members.
  • Uplift and inject new energy into your staff and vision.
  • Get buy in from staff into your strategic direction.
  • Refresh and refocus staff members on the key imperatives of the business.
  • Disclaimer: The profiles and artwork embedded on these pages are of this speaker or talent, These remain the property of its owner and not affiliated with or endorsed by WeSpeak Global.
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