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Duncan Wardle is the founder of ID8 and former Head of Innovation and Creativity at The Walt Disney Company, Duncan is a renowned expert in developing innovative, magical brands, engaging stories, and creative experiences that drive results.

From C-Suite leadership to the front door greeter, everyone in the organization needs to know why innovation matters to drive results and more importantly, how you may apply these innovation tools to your everyday life.

As a virtual Keynote speaker, Duncan Wardle brings an interactive experience that makes innovation easy, creativity tangible, and the process fun.

Participants are guided through an intense and engaging course in Design Thinking, actively using a set of tangible innovation tools against a challenge as people learn much better by doing than listening.

High energy, interactive, online workshops will help inspire and give your team tangible tools you need to create a culture shift, starting immediately after training.

Do you want to embed a culture of innovation into everyone’s DNA and start producing ideas that will craft the future?

Virtual Topics

    The Theory of Creativity™ OFFERED LIVE OR VIRTUALLY.

    Learn the toolkit for innovation.

    None of us are going back to “Business as Usual”, and the secret sauce to success lies in the culture you create at work.


    But innovation is not something that happens by chance. It’s the result of building an environment in which it can thrive, and you have to give people a set of tools that you may use every day to grow.

    Companies set on creating a culture of innovation will not only survive, but they will thrive! This goes far beyond having an “Innovation Department.” Now is the time to instill a culture of innovation among EVERY member of your team.


    During Duncan’s time as the Head of Innovation for Disney, a company known for redefining pretty much every industry they touch Duncan’s decades of success weren’t merely a matter of luck or chance.


    His results were a direct reflection of his ability to create a thriving, innovative culture, and to ensure that everyone on his teams were put in a position to let their inner creativity run wild.


    In the Embedding Innovation into Everyone’s DNA Keynote speech, Duncan will share the exact steps and strategies used to create such an environment.


    Participants will learn how to create safe spaces for taking creative risks, ensure everyone on your team is empowered and thinking like an entrepreneur, and transition from the ideation stage into action.


    He’ll also share a creative problem-solving tool which will prime your organization to discover innovative ideas each and every time you set out to tackle a challenge.

    • A fresh outlook on daily tasks
    • An approach to tasks with new levels of creative thinking
    • A mindset that allows innovation to flourish at work

    Delivering Customer Experience Magic. ™ OFFERED LIVE OR VIRTUALLY.

    Give your customers exactly what they need.

    The best brands in the world may have great products and service, but they thrive because of an unrelenting passion and focus on customer experience.


    Through this engaging and interactive Keynote, Duncan will share how to transform your business from product-centric to customer-centric and reap the rewards that come when customers believe the work you do is truly magic.

    Duncan will share with your team famous real-world examples from behind the scenes from his time as the Head of Innovation and Creativity at The Walt Disney Company.


    Showcasing challenges brought on by direct and indirect competitors, Duncan will share real-life and timely examples of how ever-evolving organizations drastically changed consumer behaviors.


    As he shares the exact steps Disney and other companies have taken to turn problems into massive opportunities, he will dig into the new revenue opportunities and enhanced customer experiences.


    By the end of this interactive presentation, your audience will have developed a whole new understanding of customer experience, and you will be empowered with tools to reframe any challenges facing your organization, finding those unique opportunities to create some customer experience magic of your own!

    • How to turn a product centric culture into a consumer centric one
    • How to leverage “high-tech” to enable “high-touch”, delivering record guest satisfaction
    • How to address the biggest consumer pain points and what that can mean for revenue

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