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In a Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous world, business is in a constant state of flux. It’s important that leaders and organisations today can change, flex and adapt to the VUCA world around them to succeed.

The increasingly speedy, rocky and complicated landscape in which we operate, one with the new challenges of changing workplace demographics, globalisation and disruptive technology, leave more unknowns than ever before and moves at continued pace, changing the playing field altogether.

Every organisation is confronted with persistent, recurring problems. They often fall back on obvious solutions such as applying new technologies, recruiting experts or improving communication processes. In most cases, this is done in a hierarchical way with the top layer of management being responsible for finding the right solutions. An adaptive challenge allows problems to be identified more accurately and involves the entire organisation in the search for possible solutions.

Adaptive Leadership can help when there are no easy solutions available. It’s a critical skill for anyone looking for systematic changes in an increasingly complex world. Adaptive leaders learn to control the context through experiments. They cultivate a diversity of viewpoints to generate many options.

They lead with empathy, reward their employees’ performance with autonomy and independence and find winning solutions for all stakeholders.Leaders today require a new set of adaptive competencies to thrive in the 2020’s.

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    Cult-Like culture – It’s not what you do, It’s how you do it
    Leading in a VUCA world

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Zoom, Microsoft Teams


Modified Home Studio

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No Distractions, Virtual Screen, Office or Home background


2 Cameras


Good lighting of presenter, Artificial lights, Home Studio


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Yes for Keynotes, Yes for Workshops

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Pre-recorded videos, Virtual Presentations on shared screens

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