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My name is Eliot Popkin and I am a business coach, award-winning songwriter and Best-Selling author of “Circle: Letters To My Younger Self". I am here to let you know that your past does not have to dictate your future. My mission is to gracefully guide others through their darkness via songs, coaching, and my books. I have created a LIVE EXPERIENCE that encompasses all of my passion and expertise in a profoundly moving way featuring a finale that leaves audiences in tears.

Sometimes we have to lose everything to realize who we actually are. And that’s just the beginning... I want to guide your audience through an inspiring keynote-style seminar walking them through my story and gifting them a Trauma Toolkit to help them build a brighter future on their own terms.

Audiences will learn to do the same through Mindful Moments, Conscientious Scheduling, and Welcoming Wealth. This journey is not for the faint of heart and my story is known to bring out the vulnerable sides of an audience.

I meet them at that place for a musical finale of my song “Fighter” which can be an anthem of perseverance for those that need it.

I am a Business Development Coach with over 22 years experience. If there is any mistake to be made in business, trust me I have made it! When each of us decides to start a business, no one really gives us roadmap to help us avoid the pitfalls.

Just like any successful professional athlete has a Coach, you deserve one too. I have successfully built multi-million dollar companies and have coached over 4,000 others.


Here is what I call my Top 10 Things for Businesses to Focus On:

1 Focus. You want to be the best at what you do, find your niche / passion / product.

2 Delegation. A proper leader delegates tasks across their entire staff.

3 Brainstorming, visionary. I recommend 3 15-minute sessions every week by yourself and then weekly vision meetings with your key staff.

There’s quite a few more things that we work on together… I am here to help you grow!

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