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Executive and leadership coaching is a structured process designed to support and challenge you so you work consistently at peak performance from Envision Excellence

Do you ever feel like your days are extremely busy, yet you don’t feel you are accomplishing as much as you would like?

Do you wish you had more time for planning, strategizing, and developing your team?

Leaders have challenging and demanding roles that often make it difficult to work at their highest potential. While they may enjoy the challenges of their work, they often feel overworked, overwhelmed and frustrated, and feel a lack of energy or fulfillment. The coaching partnership assists executives with dramatically increasing productivity and effectiveness, becoming more efficient, enhancing leadership and coaching skills, and producing high-caliber work, all while creating more balance and fulfillment in their lives. Coaching helps your organization’s valued executives work at their highest potential by listening deeply, providing feedback and guidance, holding them accountable, and challenging executives to create desired and impactful results.

We work with high achieving individuals to create the impact they desire as a leader, executive, peer, and individual. Executive coaching will help your leaders enhance their effectiveness, become more self-aware, manage problems and issues with ease, and work at their highest potential.

Below are some examples of common focus areas in coaching:

  • Increasing productivity and improving time management skills
  • Help busy executives prioritize, delegate, and run more effective meetings so you have more time for visioning and high impact endeavors
  • Finding time to strategize and plan so the leader can work at a higher level and create more impact and better results
  • Improving in leadership competencies such as communication, teambuilding, developing and coaching employees, and project planning
  • Upgrading management and leadership skills and creating a positive work environment
  • Increasing engagement and performance of direct reports and the leader’s whole team
  • Build an effective team so the leader can focus on the most important projects and responsibilities
  • Implementing a major project or change in the organization
  • Improving self-accountability and team accountability for better results
  • Improving organizational relationships (for example, with their boss, peers, and employees)
  • Working through challenges and developing a plan of action
  • Create balance and fulfillment in their work so the leader can have maximum energy to focus on the key result areas of the position
Workshop Topics

    The Executive Leadership Development Program

    The Executive Leadership Development Program is a comprehensive 12-month program for the leadership team of your organization. Each month, we will bring your team together for a 2.5 hour strategic professional development session that includes interactive discussion and resources.

    This executive leadership development program will transform your executive leaders into a cohesive and aligned team that executes strategic plans.  Your team will increase leadership knowledge, generate ideas and plans, receive targeted high-impact feedback and coaching, and implement plans for consistent results.

    Prior to the program launch, we will conduct a needs analysis through interviews and surveys to determine the biggest challenges and professional development opportunities for your specific team. The results of the analysis will be used to customize the program to your specific leadership team needs.

    We know executives are busy leaders who struggle to find time for team development and coaching. That’s why our program is designed to focus on one area at a time. Each module builds upon the other and provides the space and time each month to execute on the ideas in the modules. We receive feedback from teams we have worked with that the short, interactive sessions each month provide them with just enough information and tools to take action and not feel overwhelmed.

    • Personal Mastery
    • Strategic Mastery
    • Team Leadership Mastery
    • Communication Mastery
    • Coaching Mastery
    • Culture Mastery
    • Interpersonal Mastery
    • Results Mastery
    • Change Mastery
    • Emotional Intelligence Mastery
    • Creativity & Innovation Mastery
    • Peak Performance Mastery

    Future Leaders Program

    Leadership requires the ability to understand oneself as well as the needs of others, and recognize how our behaviors and preferences impact those we lead. This program is designed to build self-awareness, self-reflection, and confidence as employees prepare for management and leadership roles.


    Participants will leave this program with a deeper understanding of their strengths and development opportunities, and the impact their style has on others so they can lead in a way that cultivates compassion, empathy, peak performance, and results.


    This program is ideal for high potential employees, future leaders of the organization, new supervisors, employees who are tapped for management or leadership roles in one to five years. This program is also suitable for current leaders who can benefit from a better understanding of how their management style impacts others.

    • Module 1: Leading Through Strengths (includes StrengthsFinder assessment)
    • Module 2: Fundamentals of Modern Leadership
    • Module 3: Myers-Briggs Type Indicator: Understanding Preferences and Work Styles (includes assessment)
    • Module 4: Crafting Your Leadership Brand
    • Module 5: Leading with Emotional Intelligence (includes personalized assessment)
    • Module 6: Managing & Influencing Key Relationships
    • Module 7: Traits and Habits of Highly Successful Leaders

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