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Ep.2/9 | Engulfing Magnificence | Beyond the Desert Edge 2017 | Peter van Kets

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South Africa

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This expedition was the first in a series of five Beyond Expeditions with Jacques Marais. The idea was to mountain bike the edge of the incredible Namib Desert from Serra Cafema on the Angolan border to Swakopmund along the coast of Namibia. I’m on the edge of a gigantic granite outcrop.


The sandy escarpment that ascends from the Cunene River is alive with dancing heat mirages and I can hear my heart beating to its rhythm. It’s hard to describe scenes of such immense rugged beauty when all you want to do is shout out and let everybody in on the engulfing magnificence.


So I stop and breathe and soak it all up. We are barely a few hours into day one of a two-week expedition and there were many many more to follow!

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