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Ep.3/9 | The Incredible Desert Elephants | Beyond the Desert Edge 2018 | Peter van Kets

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This expedition was the first in a series of five Beyond Expeditions with Jacques Marais. The idea was to mountain bike the edge of the incredible Namib Desert from Serra Cafema on the Angolan border to Swakopmund along the coast of Namibia. In this episode, we take a day off a visit to the Skeleton Coast. There we visit a seal colony and then after returning to the Hoanib River, we encounter the Desert Elephants. These majestic beasts made for a truly humbling and magnificent encounter.

The main purpose behind the expedition, besides just really wanting to do the ride, was to raise funds for and awareness of ‘Children in the Wilderness’ an NPO that deals with children that are born in wilderness areas that have to coexist with dangerous game. There is massive human/wildlife conflict in these areas and CITW teaches these children sustainable symbiotic solutions for conservation. They also focus on teaching the children to love their natural environment.

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