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Erik Kruger speaks on the topics of leadership, resilience, and high-performance and is the founder of Modern Breed – a learning & development consultancy for modern leaders.


He is an international speaker, executive coach, and author with a Masters degree in Executive coaching


His latest book is called Dangerous.


Over the past few months Erik has spoken for the likes of YPO New York, Entrepreneur’s Organization Global, Microsoft, Dell, Discovery, and more. And most recently did my first TedX talk.


Writing is how I process my thinking. Some of my books have been published and some can be found for free in e-book form. This includes titles such as Acta Non Verba, Lockdown Leadership, Hybrid Vigour, and Instant Evolution. I also contributed to The Book Every Business Owner Must Read

In 2018 I received my Master’s degree in Business and Executive Coaching. Since then I have applied myself to helping teams play at their very best. I create deep learning experiences for leaders and teams to accelerate their personal and professional development.

Erik Kruger co-hosts the Expansive podcast. We have more than 100+ glowing reviews and tens of thousands of downloads.

Erik is an associate at the Johannesburg Business School. I contribute regularly to GQ and, and various podcasts and radio shows. Previously I also wrote for Entrepreneur Magazine.

There is no security in playing it safe. In fact, those who retreat will be disrupted and made redundant. This is a time to be Dangerous. The only way forward is to take a deep breath and then willingly step into the unknown…

Keynote Topic #1


You, your team, and your organization are in danger.

In danger of becoming irrelevant.

In danger of getting stuck in survival mode.

The only way that we overcome the danger is to become the danger.

This is a keynote/facilitation that helps leaders and teams to explore what makes them dangerous and how they will become more dangerous in the future.

Keynote Topic #2


The future is reserved for the adaptable.

Adaptability is not some passive trait that some possess, and others don’t. It’s a skill that can be learned and deployed into any area of your life and business as needed.

In fact, it is THE skill required for the world we live in.

Therefore, cultivating adaptability is not optional.

The leaders of tomorrow must become highly adaptive individuals that are able to convert new information into action.

The aim of this talk is to inspire leaders to become excited about the future instead of overwhelmed by it.

Keynote Topic #3


This is a living, breathing talk that is constantly updated based on my research, consulting, and coaching.

It’s specifically tailored towards already successful, high-performers looking to reach a higher level.


Set against the backdrop of the an ever changing future, the core of this talk is about personal effectiveness, evolution, and decision-making. At the end of the day the quality of our thinking determines how far we go in life and business.

The future belongs to the bold & the courageous.

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