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Erin Marcus helps service professionals and entrepreneurs save time and make more money by learning how to Be In Charge, Take Action and Get Results!


I have been mentoring, training, teaching and coaching for more than twenty years. I love helping people take action they didn’t think possible, do things they didn’t think they could do and succeed beyond what they dared to dream about.


My job is not just to outline the foundational pieces of operational, sales, and marketing success for you, but also to help you apply them to your unique business with your unique voice.


And because I'm good at asking the right questions, and listening not just to the answer but also to what you're not saying, I feel committed to helping you find the greatest version of yourself so you can live up to your greatest potential.


If you're ready for all that…No need to wait.

Let's get started!


Industry Background


  • Journalism
  • Caring Transitions franchise owner and corporate trainer
  • Realtor (paid only)
  • Financial Services
  • Animal Activist
  • National Speakers Association


There is no magic social media ad, there is no fail-proof script and there is no guaranteed funnel. Do I believe in and use social media ads, scripts (well outlines really) and funnels. Absolutely!


But I also believe that before you go throwing all your time and money into a specific tactic, you have to learn how to be successful.


The pieces to building a successful business might be firm, but how they’re applied to each person varies because each person is unique with their own strengths and challenges.


And that’s where I come in.


Keynote Topic #1

Conquer Your Messaging

Are you making the most common mistake entrepreneurs make when trying to grow their business? The mistake that results in wasted time, lost opportunity and endless frustration?

I watch the same small business destroyer play out all too often: entrepreneurs using generic labels to describe themselves and then going on and on about irrelevant details that mean nothing to their potential clients.

And the sad part is that most people don’t even realize they’re making these mistakes! All they know is they don’t have the results they want – and they’re not sure why.

Here’s the thing. Nobody buys your process; they buy your solution to their problem. And if you are relying on a brand you may represent instead of your onw personal story to connect to clients or just assuming everyone knows what you do by the label you attach to yourself…well all these things just end up with you missing the mark.

And making things harder for yourself

  • I’ve had clients pay Thousands of dollars for me to create their Magnetic Messaging for them and now in this workshop, I will walk you through, step by step, how you can do it for yourself!

    There is more and more noise out there that you need to be able to break through in order to be heard. Especially on social media.

    And Zoom meetings – whether with clients or for networking – might be convenient for saving money on gas, but now you no longer get to rely on the energy of being in person to help you make connections.

    People are overwhelmed with continuing to sort out how to best handle more on their plate than they ever bargained for.

If you are going to be able to rise above it all and grow your business, Magnetic Messaging is the strongest and fastest way I know to do so because it’s the absolute foundation to all those other business building strategies you’ve tried but can’t quite get to work for you.

No more running around feeling like all you’re doing is screaming, “Pick me! Pick me!” at anyone who will listen.

No more disappointment from talking to prospects that never become clients because they don’t quite “get you.”

No more frustration wishing you had “the perfect” way to explain your business.

If you’re looking to CONQUER one of the key components in growing your business, join us for this exciting training!

Keynote Topic #2

Conquer Your Marketing Bootcamp

Many entrepreneurs see marketing as a potential opportunity that seems to come with a million moving parts. I know it can be very overwhelming. It can be complicated. It’s definitely frustrating. And it all too easily seems to allow your fears creep in and prevent you from reaching your goals.

Let’s be honest, we’ve all fallen into a “random act of marketing” default of trying anything and just hoping it all works out for the best. Or saying that we are “all-in” but then really only doing things part way. More often than not, we end up on a marketing roller coaster that even if it creates some cash flow peaks, it is followed up with a sudden plummet that makes us feel out of control.

Don’t worry, I have a more efficient, less chaotic approach to help you Conquer Your Marketing!



Erin trains her clients not to push harder, but to CONQUER. Are you ready to let go of the struggle and move into success? The Conquer Your Business approach doesn’t just work for a few – it is a movement that is changing lives all over the country.


Keynote Topic #3

Conquer Your Sales

There’s only ONE THING standing in between you serving and helping your clients or …….. not having any clients.

That SAME ONE THING is standing in between you reaching your financial goals or …… not making any money.

It’s basically the ONE THING that is the difference between you having a successful thriving business or….. no business at all.

What am I talking about? The ability to have a:



Sales conversations are a necessary skill for a business owner.  Let’s face it – if you don’t make sales, you really don’t have a business.

You already have enough on your plate, isn’t it time to remove one of the top causes of stress and frustration from your business and learn a better approach to sales conversations?

Sales Conversation!

Sales conversations can be uncomfortable for lots of entrepreneurs. I get it. It feels like so much is at stake right there in one moment.

You’re not just putting yourself out there hoping someone says yes, but whether you know it or not, you’re also up against generations of beliefs about money.

Not to mention all those horrible sales people stereotypes that so many of us find absolutely offensive.

What if instead you learned a completely different approach to sales?

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  • Lisa K, Psy.D., PCC
    06/06/2022 at 3:07 pm

    “Last year I attended an event in which Erin Marcus was a speaker. Erin was professional, funny, and very informative. I took a whole page of notes based on her talk. She understands the nuances and emotional issues that are part of any discussion. I recommend her without hesitation. ”

    Lisa K, Psy.D., PCC

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