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Ethel Kuuya is a highly requested culture transformation advisor, leadership master coach and international speaker, as well as an entrepreneur and award winner who has spent two decades working in transformation and culture spanning 3 continents, 46 countries and thousands of leaders impacted.

She has developed culture master classes and programs that have transformed organisations and the lives of countless professionals, altering their trajectory. Ethel has an MSc in Innovation and Entrepreneurship, a BA in International Business several post-graduate qualifications covering business, strategy, leadership, change management and analytics.

Keynote Topic #1

    Culture is How Leaders Show Up

    Ethel’s experience with advising on transforming cultures is behind her belief that culture is how leaders show up. She delves into the true dynamics behind culture, what’s changeable and what isn’t and how national culture can be harnessed to boost psychologically safe, healthy and productive work environments.

    Leading Culture Masterclass: Ethel teaches a masterclass to smaller groups on the same topic – Culture is How Leaders Show Up.

    She speaks to CEOs and C-Suite executives of private companies and public sector institutions, at conferences and in smaller bespoke interest groups.

Keynote Topic #2

    Africa Will Change the World

    Africa is certainly not a country, and it’s this diversity that’s humming to come together in a wave of global change. Having worked much of Sub Sahara, lived in eight countries, and speaking 9 languages, Ethel has an understanding of the differences, similarities, dynamics, opportunities that lie ahead and importantly how to appreciate and navigate nuances.

    She speaks to a variety of audiences both on and off the continent who are expanding within Africa.

Keynote Topic #3

    So, you think you’re an entrepreneur

    As an entrepreneur for almost fifteen years, Ethel goes beyond the toxic positivity that surrounds entrepreneurs to pull back the blinds on what you will need emotionally, psychologically and practically to brave the entrepreneurship journey.

    This no BS talk will leave audiences profoundly moved, armed with practical guidance and sustainably motivated to navigate their entrepreneurial journey.

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