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Speaker Bio

Eugene Eloff is a Professional Rugby Coach with over 29 years experience coaching players from ​Grassroots through to National Contracted Players. ​

​A scientific approach to conditioning and player management, structuring and implementing attacking game plans. ​

​Talent identification, with the ability to assess, upskill and develop individual players to​ reach their true potential​.

​Key Attributes ​

​Strategic and Tactical Planning  ​
People skills, People Knowledge and Working with Players and Management​
Communication (Players, Management, Media and Sponsors)​
Adapting to any situation and flexibility​
Management of Processes, People, Recourses and Infrastructures ​
Knowledge of the Game and Passion for it​
Strong Motivator and Positive Person and Optimist​
Developing and helping Players and Teams from Youth level through to National. ​
Coaching Philosophy

Eugene Eloff coaching philosophy is based on values systems and norms, life experiences and passion for the game, including knowledge of the game gained on courses, working with top coaches
and teams in my career as coach, with the aim to develop the game and players.

Identifying talented players, developing them as individuals to play the game at the highest level and mould them into strong individuals and competitive teams.

Adding value to players, clubs, unions and the game RUGBY You C.O.A.C.H to win!

Winning is not everything but the effort is!

Conviction driven
• Everybody must know the goals / objective
• Have a clear Vision and Mission
• You need to push yourself & others HARD
• Train and work smart and with purpose (Calculated)
• Perfect – practice makes perfect
Audible ready
• It’s all about planning (Nothing stays the same long)
• Prepare a plan and then expect the unexpected and be ready to change your plan
• Behaving the same way in similar circumstances
• Before taking time to do what is urgent, take time and recognize what is important
Honesty Based
• Victory if possible, integrity at all costs!
• Create a relationship of trust and respect
• Don’t coach to be popular, But to be respected

Eugene Eloff philosophy creates an environment where players enjoy training and working in gaining further experience as a professional player.
By having a scientific approach to the game especially, conditioning and management of individual players (rehab etc.), I am able to get the best out of players.

Respect – Get players to work together as a team and care for each other
Learn – Create a sense of researching and study the game and positions
Labor – Work very hard, good work ethics
Laughter – Have fun and enjoying training and the journey
With honesty-based principles my philosophy focuses on discipline, desire dedication, determination and devotion

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