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Femi Adebanji is a sought-after international customer service speaker and organisational excellence speaker with Speakers Inc for over 5 years(Leadership, Change, and Motivation).

A passion for helping organisations transform their service excellence levels, build truly customer centric cultures, create high-performance business cultures and evolve into brands of distinction.

With over 15 years of business leadership and customer strategy experience, he has consulted on numerous critical business performance improvement initiatives for companies in South Africa and internationally. Femi Adebanji Customer Service is Senior Customer Experience Strategist at Baines & Partners, a firm that specialises in Customer Experience consulting and Customer Service turnaround strategies.

Femi Adebanji is also Research Director at Pinnacle Consulting, a corporate learning consultancy that provides customised and off-the-shelf customer service training, and diverse skills development training solutions to organisations of diverse sizes across all industries.

As a dynamic and insightful keynote speaker, Femi Adebanji Customer Service has had the privilege or working with clients such as 3M, Hewlett Packard, International Centre for Parliamentary Studies, Vodacom, Office of the Presidency, Barclays Africa, Tiger Brands, Unilever, FNB, SARS, The University of Cape Town, Standard Bank, Old Mutual, Nedbank, and many more.

His expertise, knowledge and insights will not only transform the customer experience within your organisation but equip you to turn service excellence into a strategic advantage and entrench your competitive positioning in your industry. You can follow Femi on Twitter

Femi Adebanji talks and keynotes provide unique insights and strategies on Turning Customer Experience into A Competitive Edge, Using Service Excellence to Create Market Dominance,

How to Leverage the Power of Customer Perception, Building and Sustaining A Customer-Focused Culture, Service Excellence Through Social Media, Creating A Culture of Internal Customer Service, Leadership for Service Excellence, Driving Sales Through Service, Recovery Strategies for Unhappy Customers and much more.



In the “Distinct or Be Extinct” talk, Femi Adebanji Customer Service shares unique customer service insights that sets successful organizations apart from the rest.
For consumers, it’s never just about the product, it’s all about the “experience that comes with buying the product”.
In a world where social media is integrated into our lifestyles, customers no longer just buy based on your advertising – they now base their buying decisions on what other consumers say about your brand, your products and most of all your service!


Today, many businesses are experiencing a shrinkage in market share as they lose customers to their competitors. For any organisation to be profitable and successful, it must be able to keep its customers loyal.
To do this, it must not merely satisfy its customers but delight them in such a way that they keep returning to do business. Loyal customers are the lifeline of any business.
Making customers loyal to your products or services and turning them into raving advocates for your brand now means that companies must exceed customer expectations and deliver exceptional experiences to customers, consistently!


Organisations can only truly be effective in delivering exceptional service to their external customers if their internal customers are treated with the same standard of service.
Everyone in the organisation plays a key role – irrespective of whether they are front-line or not.
For instance, without ongoing support from internal business units such as HR, Finance, IT, front-line service staff would become extremely limited in dealing with external customers on an on-going basis. Furthermore, there is the issue of culture.


Delivering exceptional customer service experience is more than a series of steps of “how to guides”.
It ultimately comes to appreciating the customer’s desire to choose do business with your organization as opposed to your competition; and that appreciation is reflected by asking ourselves, “how do I deliver value to this customer?”.
Value is never about how a business perceives value, but rather how its customers perceive value. When customers make a purchase decision, they are not merely looking to purchase a mere “product or service”. They are constantly seeking value relative to the price they are paying.


Change is an inevitability that will face or take place within any organization and in today’s rapidly “changing” world, those organizations that do not know how to successfully navigate the change experience will lag their competition and even worse still, may ultimately fail.
Knowing how to successfully manage the change process is a powerful key for unlocking innovation and creativity within any organization; and embedding a culture of innovation and creativity within a business is one of the factors that set a business apart from the competition.
Furthermore, when organizations have the tools to embrace and adapt to change, this almost always results in new performance levels and consequently, business success.


The business landscape is rapidly changing, competition has ramped up significantly, technology is simultaneously creating and destroying opportunities, what worked yesterday is no longer effective today and per research, by the year 2020, the lifespan of the average business will shorten from 45 years to less than 10 years.
In a dynamic, highly competitive and rapidly changing world, “being an average player” is a sure recipe for disaster. Organizations that survive and thrive are keenly aware that their competitive edge lies in their ability to create, nurture and build on a high-performance culture.
Even challenging economic climates pose numerous opportunities and advantages provided businesses can switch gears to high-performance championship thinking, build innovation into the DNA of their organisation, and encourage a culture of results-driven and transformational leadership.


EVERYTHING rests on leadership.
Business success requires managerial leaders that must not only be able to strategise and be insightful decision-makers; however OUTSTANDING business success is driven by quality leadership that can motivate employees to higher levels of performance and delivery, inspire employees to commit to the organizational vision, and establish the type of performance-driven culture that becomes the true source of the organization’s competitive advantage.
This dynamic and content-rich talk will share with the audience how to achieve exactly that. “Leading the Charge” focuses on empowering management-level employees to excel in their leadership roles and evolve to become high-performance leaders – influential leaders that inspire the rest to raise their game and exemplify actions and behaviors that ultimately facilitate positive bottom line business results.

Topics Covered

Customer Service
Thriving Through Disruption
High-Performance Culture


Angola, Botswana, Cameroon, Ethiopia, Nigeria, South Africa


South Africa Boulevard, Far East Bank, Sandton, Johannesburg, South Africa


Customer Service
Thriving Through Disruption
High-Performance Culture

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  • Pearl Naicker
    1 October 2020 at 12:03 pm

    Hi Femi ,
    Your talk was absolutely amazing from beginning to end. You captured the audience attention immediately with your opening ,your passion and your voice projection. For a webinar meeting I was amazed at the way you kept all engaged and moved between your content slides and showing yourself up on screen which helped a lot and the intervals this was done was perfect with minimal interruption.
    You have such vast knowledge and experience as your CV speaks volumes yet you adapted to Pfizer requirements and tailor made your talk to suit our environment we operate in with ease after the speaker briefings we had. Thank you for being so humble. You asked many questions understanding Pfizer , our mission and vision and this came out in your presentation which felt like home ground. I know you invested a lot of your time in understanding our business. Appreciated.
    Your talk covered many areas we face in our business world today and including our subordinates we currently manage like performance concerns , attitude to work , career advancement , time management skills, engagement levels, what we bring to our work environment and more which everyone enjoyed listening to. The message was quite clear how we all need to take accountability in this day and age for our own development and career advancement. Digital age for current and future and how we work with this was a clear message and with speed was noted .This feedback has also helped cement some knowledge that we as managers normally tend to coach our teams on and was great to listen to you talking around these areas of performance.
    Great sense of humor in your presentation which kept all captivated. Some of your personal traits that came out during my interactions was your warm personality, approachable, listening skills and getting to know your audience which is great.
    I always said time is the most expensive asset however going forward I will never forget excellence is a very important currency which I learnt from you.
    On behalf of Pfizer I would like to thank you for the mind blowing presentation which everyone that listened to you commented on days after as well.
    Good luck for the future and keep up your good work.
    Pearl Naicker
    Pfizer Biopharmaceuticals Group – South Africa

  • Keke Matlou
    22 September 2020 at 11:32 am

    Happy client…happy event manager
    A huge thank you for today’s keynote Femi.
    My client was extremely happy! You were described as knowledgeable and movitating…with an infectious energy. Much appreciated!

    Keke Matlou, In Any Event & Momentum

  • Mich
    19 February 2020 at 10:17 pm

    Excellent speaker and amazing human! 🙂

    • Femi Adebanji
      22 September 2020 at 3:32 pm

      Many thanks Mich. Much appreciated!

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