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Five Ways Personal Branding Benefits Professional Women

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Successful women in leadership roles manage their Personal Brands on a daily basis; and they started focusing on creating theirs early-on in their careers. Why do they focus on Personal Branding? And why has it become such a hot topic in the workforce today?

Smart women in business understand the basic concept that every time someone has contact with you at work, outside of work, or on social media, one of two things happen: your Personal Brand is either strengthened or weakened by what you say or don’t say, and by what you do or don’t do.

But, what is Personal Branding? Basically, a strong Personal Brand allows all that’s unique and effective about your personal and professional style to become known to your colleagues up, down, and across the organization. And that can enable you to generate maximum value and unique “distinction” for yourself.

As a woman in business, how else can you benefit from consciously creating and managing your Personal Brand? Here are five valid reasons to consider:

You Will Get Clarity & Direction

When you truly focus on developing and managing your Personal Brand it becomes a “behavior barometer”. Personal Branding is all about increased self-awareness by acknowledging your weaknesses (i.e. having a bad temper, being extremely shy, or being a poor communicator) and making the necessary changes to improve yourself. And it’s also about understanding your strengths. You have to know “who you are and who you aspire to be” in order to conduct yourself in any role effectively; be it entry-level or a senior leadership position.

You Can Expand Notoriety Outside of Work

Aside from wanting more notoriety at work, Personal Branding can also increase awareness for you in your industry. And there’s nothing wrong with wanting this type of professional recognition; it’s a smart career strategy. Many employees would like to be interviewed by industry media or asked to speak at industry conferences. But it typically doesn’t “just happen”; you have to become your own Publicist.

If you strategically promote your Personal Brand as a Thought Leader within your industry this type of notoriety can be achieved. However no one will be interested in conducting a media interview with you or booking you as a speaker if you don’t have a fresh perspective and unique information to share.

Therefore, you need to stay current on trends, formulate your own insights, and consider writing articles for industry publications and blogs, as well as participate in conversations on industry-focused social networks. These types of strategies can start positioning you as a Thought Leader which can then attract the attention of the media and corporate Event Planners.

You Can Excel Your Career Advancement

As Consumers, we typically buy brands we trust. This concept also applies to Personal Branding. When you define and manage your brand at work, and live it consistently, your employees, co-workers, and those above you, will know how you’ll react in any given situation thus developing trust in you. Just like a positive product brand, more people will “buy in” to you, and that increases your chances for leadership advancement and/or being chosen to work on high-profile projects.

You Will Enjoy More Job Satisfaction

As you become clear on your Personal Brand, you become clearer on your personal and professional values. This can lead to asking yourself important questions like: Am I in the right job or role? Do I even like what I do or should I make a career change? Does my Supervisor, or Company, mesh with my Personal Brand values?

Knowing the answers benefits you because it improves your chances of being at a company or in a role where you’re happy, and that impacts your job satisfaction and professional performance. Plus, if you’re happy at work, you’ll be a better boss, and that will improve your retention rate of key employees.

You Can Hone Your Job Search Efforts

When you’re actively job seeking, determining your Personal Brand will enable you to focus on companies, positions, and Supervisors that will fit you best. There are many job candidates who turn down employment offers because they know it’s not the right fit with their Personal Brand.

Women in business shouldn’t always just focus on the allure of a bigger paycheck or a step up in title. Those things won’t matter if you’re not happy at work…and being unhappy at work will tarnish your Personal Brand.

Author Byline:

Lisa Orrell, CPC, is globally recognized as The Chief of Change. As such, she’s an in-demand Keynote Speaker, Certified Leadership & Success Coach, and the award-winning Author of four popular books on Amazon. And, based on her topic expertise, and fun & engaging style, Lisa’s has conducted keynotes and trainings for many well-known companies, such as: Pfizer, Pepsi, Salesforce, Wells Fargo, eBay, and Johnson & Johnson. For more info, visit: WeSpeak Global

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