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In life, we get so much input. It is hard to keep up. One piece of advice that I got was to focus on my strengths. We are not meant to be great at everything, but we all have talent. At times we try to improve skills we don't have a passion and a knack for. Is this a wise use of our time?

In life, we never stop learning. Even skills we have a talent for can always be improved. If we don't sharpen these skills, we will lose them. I love public speaking, even though it is scary. Since relocating to Chester in the United Kingdom life has thrown me a few unexpected curve balls. Focussing on navigating these has kept me from working on my skills, my passion.

It was thus with great excitement that I attended a 5-day course at the College of Public Speaking. The College of Public Speaking.

I learned so much, and now the end of the course, I can feel my confidence growing and my passion returning. The group of 13 students could not have been more diverse. Students came as far as Kuwait, India, Italy and Spain. We learned a lot from our facilitator, Vince and even more from each other. Each of us came with different expectations and different goals in mind, and yet we all left armed with our new tools of knowledge and a stronger belief in our ability.

This course could not have come at a better time for me. I have the privilege of sharing the stage with four sensational women. The event is facilitated by, the online magazine for ladies celebrating their midlife journeys. Join us if you are near Chester on the evening of Thursday 26 October at Story House. Crunchy-tales at Story House

When we grow in confidence, we feel more able to attempt the things that excite and scare you at the same time. For me, this was joining a running club. I am not fit, I don't look like or feel like an athlete, and of course, there is the small matter of not being able to see much. So many reasons not to... Sometimes you have to close your eyes and jump. I went for my first run with Chester Road Runners. What a lovely bunch of mad people. Emma, whom I met at Chester Parkrun, was my guide. It was a first for her too. She was excellent — I underestimated my abilities. I managed to enjoy it. Next step? Continue doing this regularly.

"Nothing is impossible; impossible is nothing."

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