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Four Reasons Why Employees Manage Their Personal Brands

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Four Reasons why do most successful employees manage their Personal Brands daily? It’s simple, really. They get the concept that every time someone has contact with you at work, outside of work, or on social media, one of two things happen: your Personal Brand is either strengthened or weakened by what you say or don’t say, and by what you do or don’t do. Basically, focusing on your Personal Branding becomes your “behavior barometer”.


But why else care about creating and managing your Personal Brand at work? Here are four valid ways it can benefit you:


  1. You Will Achieve More Clarity & Direction: Personal Branding is all about increased self-awareness by acknowledging your weaknesses (i.e. having a bad temper, being extremely shy, or being a poor communicator) and making the necessary changes to improve yourself. It’s also about knowing your strengths. You have to know “who you are and who you aspire to be” in order to conduct yourself effectively; regardless of your career-level.
  2. It Will Expand Notoriety in Your Industry: Aside from wanting more notoriety at work, many employees want to stand out in their industry as Thought Leaders. They want to be interviewed by industry media and asked to speak at industry conferences & tradeshows.


However, no one will be interested in conducting a media interview with you or booking you to speak if you don’t have fresh perspectives to share. Therefore, you need to research industry trends and consider writing articles for industry publications and blogs, as well as participate in conversations on industry-focused social networks. This type of effort can expand awareness for your Personal Brand and attract opportunities to you.


  1. You Will Experience More Job Satisfaction: When you become clear on your Personal Brand and professional values it leads to asking yourself honest questions, such as: Should I make a career change? Am I in the right job or role? Does my Supervisor, or the Company, match my Personal Brand values? Knowing the answers improves your odds of being at a job where you’re happy to be, and that ultimately affects your job performance.
  2. It Can Help You with Job Search: Defining your Personal Brand can improve how you conduct yourself in interviews. Plus, it will enable you to better identify the companies, positions, and Boss’s that will work best for you. There are many job candidates who turn down great job offers all because they know it’s not a good fit with their Personal Brand. Sure, the allure of (possibly) a bigger paycheck or a step up in your title is appealing. But those things won’t matter if you’re not happy at work…and, again, being unhappy will impact your attitude…and that will tarnish your Personal Brand as an employee.


Written by Lisa Orrell, CPC: The Chief of Change


Author Byline:

Lisa Orrell, CPC, is globally recognized as The Chief of Change. As such, she’s an in-demand Keynote Speaker, Certified Leadership & Success Coach, and the award-winning Author of four popular books on Amazon. And, based on her topic expertise, and fun & engaging style, Lisa’s has conducted keynotes and trainings for many well-known companies, such as: Pfizer, Pepsi, Salesforce, Wells Fargo, eBay, and Johnson & Johnson. For more info, visit:

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