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With talents that established him as a Fortune 500 leader and professional stand-up comedian, Garrison Wynn, CSP, fuses comic timing and research to deliver motivational business and safety expertise.


For 25 years, he has given keynote presentations to clients (such as American Express, Walmart, Caterpillar, GE and NASA) at corporate and association events. He is the author of the Amazon bestseller The Real Truth about Success, the Amazon #1 bestseller The Cowbell Principle, and has been featured in Forbes and Inc. Magazines.


In his teens he debuted the world’s first video gaming system (Odyssey) with baseball legend Hank Aaron and as a young man spent 6 years touring comedy clubs with the top names in the business.


He went on to become the youngest department head in a Fortune 500 company’s history where he researched and designed processes for 38 company locations nationwide and developed & marketed products still being sold in 30 countries.


Garrison helps people make the jump from being great at what they do to developing the qualities it takes to be consistently chosen for the job. He gets them to understand why their products, services, or leadership styles-or those of their competitors-are selected.


As he says, “If the world agreed on what’s best, everybody would choose the best and nothing else would be considered. Decision making doesn’t work that way.” His presentations help people become more influential regardless of circumstances.


Known for his ability to connect with any audience, Garrison delivers powerful, original content built on breakthrough research that he customizes with specifics from your industry. His gruntwork-to-great background from ditch digging (we’re not kidding!) to executive leadership, with sales, marketing, safety, manufacturing, and show biz in between means that no industry or work experience is beyond Garrison’s ability to identify with or apply insight to.


He can reach the CEO and the janitor in the same audience with a consistent, relevant message. He personalizes programs to give audiences the relational and behavioral insights they’ll need if they want to influence and succeed.


Garrison delivers valuable tools your group can apply immediately. His down-to-earth, relatable style includes a strong mix of humor and realism that entertains as it educates. With TV and film credits to his name and six years as a touring professional stand-up comedian, Garrison expertly engages audiences, making his keynotes meaningful and memorable.


Beyond the humor, he delivers high-impact, motivational programs that answer the big question that everyone wants to know: How do you get people to do what you want when you want?


The information we deliver is based on research, not theory. It started with a Gallup Institute study that surveyed 80,000 managers and one million employees to discover how employee opinion affects productivity.


In addition, we have assembled the results from Wynn Solutions’ ten-year study of 5,000 leaders in 323 organizations and 21 industries that identified what the most successful have in common. All our programs include the “beyond-best” practices from Wynn Solutions’ survey of top performers.

Keynote Topic #1

Change is Mandatory…Stress is Optional!

Change is something we all must deal with, but the stress that accompanies change is more of a choice.

This fast-paced, entertaining keynote creates an emotional shift for attendees as they see how much control they have over how change affects them. It also shows that stress is more about what we believe than it is about what is happening. It gives the specific communication tools that anyone can use to dramatically reduce resistance to change and difficult behavior.

From COVID challenges, employee engagement issues and just embracing everyday work and life problems, this research-based program takes a fun look at a very serious topic.

  • Curing disengagement
  • How to get "buy-in" on change quickly
  • Reducing stress and increasing focus: what's working
  • Working from home with no distractions
  • Keeping and attracting employees
  • COVID induced worry: separating the data from the drama
  • Dealing with the resistance to change
  • Change is easy… you go first!
Keynote Topic #2

Winning the Talent War

Keeping and Attracting Young Top Performers

People these days don't want what their parents wanted from a job. Also, many "potential employees" would rather work temporary jobs than commit to a company full time. This means there are far fewer people looking for jobs than ever before. That equates to more jobs than job seekers (for the first time since this kind of data has been gathered) creating a "War" for top young (and older) talent. And,they are not lining up for labor jobs (where you might get your hands dirty) even when they pay much more than "clean-hands" entry level jobs. Additionally, people are also more likely to live at home and less likely to put up with a work environment that cramps their life-style. Attracting the people needed to replace your rapidly retiring workforce (and making sure they stay long enough to make a difference) is crucial for your organization's future.


This entertaining yet heavily researched program shows business owners, leaders and managers how to adapt their organization to fit the current conditions of the job market and to create a culture that is sustainable for growth. From onboarding, employee-engagement, improving performance and successful recruiting tactics, this session is a must for leaders who need to make their company's future happen right now!

Keynote Topic #3

Making the Most of Difficult Situations

Action and Adaptability Create Opportunity

This funny, insightful keynote combines relationship building with no-fluff motivation and change to deliver real solutions in uncertain times. Garrison examines the challenges we face (from post COVID-19 issues to communication breakdown) and shows how we can laugh at our problems while using them as catalysts for success. This session covers a lot of ground and provides no-cost, researched-based, easily implemented, proven solutions that your people can use right away.


Easily Customized Segments Include:

  • New people, new products and new approach
  • Dealing with new leadership direction
  • How to get "buy-in" on change quickly
  • Communication breakdown: overcoming silo-ism
  • Nobody wants to be a "senior beginner"
  • Embracing mergers and acquisitions
  • Dealing with the resistance to change
  • Technology changes and procedural shifts
  • Change makes us better?
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