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    Gerd Leonhard is one of the most remarkable future-minded authors in the world today. He has penned a series of breakthrough works on everything from the future of music to the exponential transformations currently sweeping business and society.

    His signature fusion of humanism and future-thinking reflects Gerd’s classical European training in philosophy and the arts, while his over 1500 global speaking engagements enrich his writing with unique perceptions and experiences.

    Gerd’s newest book, Technology vs. Humanity, is now available in 10 languages and has cemented his reputation as a front-runner among transformational thinkers.

    Douglas Rushkoff, author and host of the TeamHuman podcast, comments: “Gerd Leonhard is most definitely a member of Team Human. This is his convincing and heartfelt call for the reinstatement of people and purpose into the technology program”

    Silicon Valley entrepreneur and Rock Center fellow Vivek Wadhwa comments on Gerd’s new book: “Gerd Leonhard provides a fascinating look at the impact of exponential technologies and the dilemmas we will face in adapting to -or being adapted by these. His book really makes you worry and think”



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