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Examples of good customer service…
Asking a diner in a restaurant how their meal was, or if you can get them anything
Listening carefully to a customer’s complaint and taking the best next step to fix the issue, whether it’s helping them yourself or passing the complaint to a manager
Looking the customer in the eyes and smiling or making them feel welcome with non-verbal body language.


Negotiation skills
Do you know about upselling? It’s when a customer is ready to buy and you encourage them to buy even more. Negotiation is the art of persuading the customer they want more than they first thought. Clever negotiation means reading the customer and persuading them to buy just that little bit more – but only if they want to, of course!



Examples of good negotiation in customer service include:

Asking if they want to super-size their fast food or coffee
Informing them about ‘special of the day’ menu choices they may not have considered
Asking if they want dessert or coffee when you clear away their plates at a restaurant

Who is this for?

Small Businesses and team leaders who want a ready made powerpoint deck with some notes.

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About the Speaker

Customer service always has the same outcome – a happy customer. This isn’t always the easiest thing to do in the world.


What is Customer Service?


The amount and type of requests you get can be sometimes overwhelming. The kind of customer service a company provides depends mainly on its customers and the company’s expectations and mission. So in a way, it is difficult to provide a unique formula of „good“ which would work in all companies.


So one more important thing before you attend your customer service interview is to take a close look at the job ad and all responsibilities listed. This will give you a good first impression of what this company values.


What does customer service mean?
Customer service is a term you see a lot in career advice and job descriptions when you’re applying for jobs.

It means how well you work with customers to make them feel happy in their buying experience. It’s a really important skill, because so many jobs involve encouraging customers to buy something and walk away happy.

You could be using your customer service skills face-to-face in a restaurant or supermarket, or in a sales meeting with a client. You could be using them online or over the phone in a customer service call centre. You don’t have to be able to see your customer to make them feel like their time, money and happiness is valued by the company!

You may have great customer service skills naturally, because of your personality and who you are. You can also build them over time, and with more experience of dealing with customers in your work!

About the Video

What does this presentation include
15 minute presentation deck of Customer Service slides with notes for executives and managers to present to their team.

What is customer service?
What steps can my business implement to offering great customer service?
How do we increase customer retention?

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