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Greg Jacobson

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World Renowned Happiness Strategist, Mentor Founder & Executive Director of  Happily Achieving, Advisor, Best-Selling Author Greg Jacobson is the world’s leading Happiness Strategist.


Being happy doesn’t make winners lose their edge, it sharpens it! —Greg Jacobson Could you be happier than you are right now?


Innovative Corporate Strategist Greg Jacobson helps companies and high-production individuals to meet objectives faster, more creatively, and with greater fulfillment, while enjoying every step of the process.


According to a 2013 Harris Poll, only one in three Americans could say they were “very happy,” and fewer people felt optimistic about the future than ever before. Despite medications, counseling, food and other distractions, our happiness levels remain stubbornly low.


This must change!


In Think Yourself Happy, you will learn five simple changes in thinking that will make you immediately happier. This proven step-by-step process takes just a few minutes, and is based on decades of scientific research in Positive Psychology.


I understand that it isn’t possible to safely teach large groups in person right now so I would like to offer you my remote learning courses at no charge to you. This amazing gift is all in thanks to Happily Achieving, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization who's mission is to bring happiness strategies to everyone who needs it.


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