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Habits of Collaborative Leaders

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Companies are constantly adapting to provide the most efficient and productive work environments for the employees. The team - not the individual contributor - is the new secret for business success.

U.S companies spent $12 billion on leadership development. 56% of company leaders say they will soon face a shortage of qualified exclusive talent. 64% learning executives are focusing on speeding up leadership development at their organization. 44% companies plan to increase spending on executive education. On average companies are spending .228 per employee on learning and development.

A great quote of the dynamic of collaborative leadership. It is inspiring to see that the foresight of the most famous business minds like Henry Ford had towards the concept of working together.

Leadership development training goals:

Step 1. Preparation: academic, professional.

Step 2. Character: walk the walk, integrity, purpose, mission, ethics, beliefs, values.

Step 3. Principles: point of view, big message, main points, tenets.

Step 4. Personality: charisma, originality, authenticity, one of a kind.

Step 5. Performance: Inspiring action, real-world performance, ethic.

Step 6. Experience: beyond local and regional, more national and international.

Step 7. Expression: substance and style in writing, speaking, coaching, consulting, mentoring, training, teaching.

Step 8. Influence: difference, results, change, transformation.

A Leader’s Steps To Action

Step 1. Anticipation: build wide external networks and look for beyond current issues.

Step 2. Critical thinking: question everything to solve any underlying problems.

Step 3. Interpretation: avoid ambiguity while collecting information from multiple sources.

Step 4. Decision: balance precision and quickness to keep the team moving forward.

Step 5. Alignment: build trust and teamwork reliance among employees.

Step 6. Learning: seek out honest feedback, make tweaks, and adjustments quickly if necessary.

60% of CEOs said that creativity was their most sought after leadership quality. Engaging with a new generation of employees, partners and customers. Inventive in expanding management and communication skills, invite disruptive innovation, drop outdated approaches, take balanced risks.

Visionary ‘’Come with me’’ - best when a change in direction is necessary.

Coaching ‘’Try this’’ - to help an employee improve performance or develop long-term strengths.

Affiliative ‘’People come first’’ - to heat rifts in a team or to motivate people during stressful circumstances.

Democratic ‘’What do you think’’ - to build consensus or to get input from valuable employees.

Pacesetting ‘’Do as I do, now’’ - to get quick results from a highly motivated and competent team.

Commanding ‘’Do what I tell you’’ - in a crisis, to kickstart a turn around, with problem employees.

The workspace is changing, leadership is changing. The future is collaborative. Collaborate leaders believe power is greatest in a collective team, openly share information and knowledge, encourage suggestions and ideas from their team, facilitate brainstorming with their team, enable their team by allocating time and resources right away, allow roles and responsibilities to evolve and fluctuate, offer immediate and ongoing feedback and personalized coaching.

Collaboration will eclipse competition every time.

Individual work will always have its place in the office but teamwork and collaboration boost overall company success.

I hope your team will be transformed from Me into We and my post will help your company drive innovation, productivity and growth. Leave your comment.

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