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Hayley Mulenda

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Award Winning Motivational Speaker Hayley Mulenda interlinks the alphabet, psychology and life lessons to ensure that students are able to deal with different circumstances that will enhance their success not just academically but in life!



Whenever students go through trials and tribulations in life they forget the daily life lessons, which will elevate them to the next level - every student needs to learn how to turn their setback into a comeback. We are all students of the biggest teacher called life and one of the first things any student will learn is the alphabet so it is something they will always remember, whether you’re 3 years old or 35, the alphabet will be stuck in your head for life! But why is it that we are so quick to forget daily life lessons but we never forget the alphabet?



If you link what you don’t know with what you already know, then you will never truly forget. Every letter will include a life lesson and a set task to ensure you are making productive steps towards your success. Readers will be able to gain a deeper perspective of the alphabet and learn that there are life lessons within a simple nursery rhyme that we were taught as children.



The ABC’s To Student Success is a smart, motivating, innovative and competent guide to ensure you are being pushed closer to success. This book implements a psychological approach to teach life changing lessons, content and motivation by using something we all know and remember, the alphabet.


United Kingdom

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