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Heather Marie Zagone born May 21 and raised in Chicago, comes from a large Italian family including three brothers. Heather is very close with all of her family especially her mother. Her Parents separated when she was 2 yrs old. Heather began acting at the age of five, where she did theatre for schools and local venues. She was always the class clown in school, never shy, courageous and brave, loved attention and was always found in the center of it, she could walk into a packed room of strangers and leave the room with everyone knowing who she was.

Heather’s parents, Debra Macri (Mother) and Terry Tucker (step father), always told her to follow her dreams. They knew their daughter was born to be a star and they stand behind her hole heartedly. Her Birth father Nicolas Zagone and Stepmother Paula Zagone always have her best interest at heart and continue to support her as well.

Heather is a very ambitious and hard working person. Anyone that knows her will tell you her drive and determination allow her to successfully achieve her goals. Acting is more then just a career choice – it is her heart, her soul, her passion, and the reason why she wakes up each morning! She eats, sleeps, and dreams about success. God blessed her with talent and she does not plan on letting that talent go to waist. Upon meeting Heather you immediately see she is a character – a very talented, sweet, and kind Midwest girl to anyone and everyone – beautiful inside and out. She brings life to the room.

In May 2007, Heather set off on a journey to Los Angeles to further her acting career. Soon she launched a career in comedy starting with an open mic night at The Comedy Store. Proving to be a natural talent for stand-up comedy, she is now is performing in many venues throughout the nation and across the globe including shows for US Troops overseas. She continues to take on new challenges in all areas of entertainment as an actor, comedian, writer and producer.

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