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Herbert Decker Jr. III (aka HD3) is an “unstoppable force” of a Motivational Speaker, Personal Development Specialist and Trainer. Highly regarded as a gifted interpersonal soul, he has the uncanny ability to tap into his clients' infinite potential and train them to unleash their inner unstoppable force.

Born and raised in the eclectic environment of Los Angeles, HD3 life was an uneasy one. His parents separated at a young age due to his mother’s drug abuse, resulting in his father gaining full custody of him. As a product of a broken home at that time, he experienced hunger, neglect, and depression, resulting in illiteracy, behavioral issues, and a directionless path. His life took a turn for the worst when his father passed away, becoming lost and depressed in his time of grievance.

A turning point in his life gave HD3 a glimmer of hope when he was invited to a spiritual religious service. Inspired by the powerful promise of salvation, he began making gradual changes that positively impacted his health and well-being.

Eventually he met a mentor who prophesized he would one day speak to an audience, share his life story, and inspire them to believe they can be, do, and have anything they wanted as nothing was out of reach. This gave HD3 the courage to find his passion for speaking, though he was not quite sure how he would mold and ground his mission at the time.

Life blessed HD3 with a beautiful baby girl but became a single father when her mother passed away. Although this paralleled his childhood as a boy being raised by a single father, he took this opportunity to do some inner spiritual work to find who he was as a speaker and human being.

Eventually a voice within said “As you have overcome your obstacles, your stories are meant to inspire others to overcome theirs.” This gave him the unwavering faith to step in his new role as a leading-edge speaker, personal development specialist, and trainer.

As an “unstoppable force”, HD3 has transformed the lives of countless individuals as well as work with and manage various Fortune 500 and Fortune 100 companies. His mission is to inspire, transform, and successfully coach individuals and businesses to show up as leaders and become leading edge purveyors in their respective capacities.

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