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Howard A. Lim is an award-winning business and branding strategist, highly-sought speaker, organization advisor, and the author of the book “Authentic Branding.” His clients include entrepreneurs, small and mid-size businesses, innovators, inventors and Fortune 500 brands including Apple, Disney, DreamWorks, Mattel, Oracle, and Honda. With three decades of experience, Howard has earned his reputation as a disruptive innovator, and his firm, HOW Creative, has partnered with CEOs and business leaders to develop and execute powerful and influential global Authentic Brands®.

Howard A. Lim was tired of seeing over 90% of business fail within their first 3-5 years. Over the course of the last decade—and with thirty years of experience disrupting industries and innovating brands—Mr. Lim has evolved and perfected his intellectual property model for today’s business climate and invert failures to successful businesses and brands. Being a whole brain thinker gave him the idea to approach designing and building businesses by bridging both strategic planning with brand building for a congruency between the business, brand and market.

In addition, Mr. Lim takes a fresh prospective by positioning businesses from their future potential that shifts their trajectory for accelerated wealth and opportunities. Mr. Lim believes in the principle learn, earn and return and that every business should have an equal opportunity for success. He is known as the Business and Brand ArchitectTM and has been speaking on the subject of business development and branding around the world, teaching audiences the principles of holistic models between science and aesthetics in a way that makes it easy to understand how any company can become world-class at record breaking speed.

As a Business and Brand Architect™, Howard A. Lim is passionate about business and brand designing and building. He distinctly remembers learning to fingerpaint at the age of five and remarks, “I was immediately drawn to the idea of creating something from nothing, replicating ideas from my imagination, instinctually knowing the possibilities were endless.”

Keynote Topic #1

How to Build Your Brand to Build Your Business

Are you thinking too small when it comes to your brand? As the visual foundation of your company, your brand has the power to influence sales, shareholder value, and relevancy. From the first impression to the last touchpoint, your brand is a key factor to build your business for long-term success.


Fortune 500 branding and business expert Howard Lim will show you how to define your UBP (Unique Buying Proposition) to customers, strategic partners, and investors.

You’ll gain insights on how to leverage your brand and business—regardless of what product or service you sell—to give you a competitive edge and maintain a winning strategy for months and years to come.


Armed with real-life case studies from Howard’s experience building Fortune 500 brands, you can turn your business into a unique brand that provides a memorable experience.

Keynote Topic #2

Brand it Right: Ignite Your Profits

If you want to see profits in your business, it’s time to pay attention to your brand. A company cannot afford to waste its budget year over year with trial-and-error branding. By undergoing a deeper consideration of your brand, you can create a lasting positive impact that increases sales, customers, loyalty, value and overall compelling experience.


In Howard Lim’s presentation, he’ll walk you through the most common branding mistakes that cost businesses thousands of dollars each year.

You’ll discover how branding your business the right way can help your company stay relevant and unique in the marketplace for the next 5, 10, or 15 years.


Explaining specific tactics such as sequencing your online and offline media for greater ROI, Howard will help you uncover ways to create a brand and culture that attracts customers and employee talent, as well as open doors to increased revenue streams.

Keynote Topic #3

Is Your Brand Killing Sales?

Is your business suffering from stagnated sales? You may not realize it, but the culprit could be your brand. Fortune 500 branding and business expert Howard Lim has worked smarter, not harder, to bring his clients from a stalled profit plateau to year-over-year revenue growth by strategic branding and business structuring.

You’ll learn the importance of building an Authentic Brand, avoid common branding mistakes, and learn to streamline your brand’s channels into one authoritative voice. Using real before-and-after case studies, you’ll see how your brand can engage customers through smart touch points without losing them to your competition.

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