Ian Rheeder’s core purpose is to make companies more profitable. He does this by using the most relevant consulting business models to best analyse a company’s situation, and thus offers the best market-driven solutions for their profit creation. This competency is also reflected in the most relevant, up-to-date training programmes, offering unique synergistic leadership in consulting, training and conference keynote addresses (hundreds of references available on request). Ian Rheeder uses the latest neuroscience studies to bolster his marketing, sales and leadership programmes.

Ian Rheeder trains and consults in the business, marketing & leadership space (i.e. persuasion sciences).

Take your business to the next level with Markitects’ customer-centric solutions. If you believe there is a stigma attached to consultancies then you’re right. Discuss your last consulting or training fiasco with us, and we will iron it out with practical and logical value. The centerboard of our business lexicon is integrity. Markitects has observed that without integrity at the heart of the company culture, businesses are short lived.

If you are looking for profit creation through market-driven solutions, then you’ve come to the right place. Consider the following services as an extension of your business objectives:

Marketing Strategy Services
Half-day, one-day or two-day strategic workshops
Strategic consultation and marketing support
Research design and analysis (experience with 30 international brands)
Integrated communication strategies
Target market segmentation and validation
Brand ‘health’ audits
Customer focused service research
Competitor audits and analysis
Employee relationship strategies
Brand positioning / architecture / strap or payoff-line generation
New product development and concept testing
Key-note speaker

This programme is appropriate for professionals who want to learn how to persuade, lead, inspire, influence, negotiate or pitch and/or sell including:

Executives, Managers, Leaders & Supervisors, Sales Consultants

Topics Offered

Training and Consulting:

Topics Offered

Training and Consulting:

Expert In

Ian facilitates 1/2 to 1-Day training sessions both in public and in-house.

Most have a post-training online component which beds down the learning for the delegates.

Every client has a different requirement and the training is custom-designed to their needs.

Dependent on the client's brief:

Fees exclude manuals, assessments, travel and accommodation.
Once we engage, we will figure out a number that works based on the scope of work.

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