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Jabu Zwane is a Mindset Development Specialist and Global Speaker, with over 15 years experience in human development in various industries. He specialises in Key Note Addresses, Facilitation, Training and a Theology teaching.

He currently occupies the following positons:

- Director at StreetBiz Foundation, an NGO that specializes in Social Entrepreneurship, with specific focus on shifting mindsets concerning entrepreneurship.

- Founder of The Mindset Development Institute, which specialises in building mindset frameworks through research and thought leadership on various topics, including Diversity, Leadership Development, High Performance and Christian Theology.​

- Thought leader and an executive member at The Lenses Institute South Africa, a USA based organisation that specializes in helping organizations to understand and integrate their diversity based on ethnicity, culture and power dynamics. His role includes facilitating workshops locally and internationally. ​

Mr Jabu Zwane holds a 4 Year degree in Theology, Management Development Program (MDP) from GIBS.​

Public Speaker, Facilitator, Trainer and Coach in Human Development using a custom-designed Mindset Development Framework for: Diversity Management, Leadership Development, High-Performance, Relationship Counseling, Biblical Leadership, Thought Leadership, Entrepreneurship, and Sales Training.

Mindset Development Framework.
Mindset Development Framework is a comprehensive, well structured and directed solution to help individuals and organisations to achieve success. It is both a Scientific (based on research and applicable laws) and Artistic (based on your authentic design and unique experiences) process custom made for optimal success.

I have designed the courses based on more than 15 years of experience in human development as a corporate leader, spiritual leader, and community leader, both locally and globally.

Keynote Topic #1

The MINDSET Development Framework

The Mindset Development Framework covers:

  • Research on The Mind.
  • 5 Vital Principles in Mindset Development.
  • 7 Types of Mindsets.
  • 5 Step Process of Developing Strong Mindsets.



The Mindset Development Framework is offered in various forms.

  • Mindset Development Course: Introductory Course, Intermediate Course and Advanced Course.
  • Facilitation and Training Programs.
  • Personal and Executive Coaching.


The resolve behind the Mindset Development Framework is to change people's lives for the better, one thought at a time.

The Mindset Development Framework specifically focuses on helping people and organisations to understand:

  1. What Mindsets are.
  2. How Mindsets form.
  3. What the function of mindsets is in human design.
  4. How to best build the Mindsets necessary, to achieve success in all areas.
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