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Learn How to Become a Renaissance Leader™ in the Age of Change & Disruption

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Jean Marie DiGiovanna was named a “Top 10 Coach of Boston,” by Women’s Business Boston. She is the co-author of "Success is a State of Mind" and the author of the bestselling book "Stop Talking Start Asking: 27 Questions to Shift the Culture of Your Organization".

Jean Marie's programs are highly engaging and content-rich, with tools leaders can apply immediately to create high performing teams and shift the culture of their organization.

With her body of work on Renaissance Leadership and over 25 years of experience across the globe, she helps leaders, and their teams shift the way they think, lead and communicate rapidly creating a culture of increased trust, collaboration and innovation.

She is a master of experiential learning and has a unique ability for asking the questions no one is asking and deeply listening for what's not being said. She has a gift for creating a safe environment where leaders and their teams find their voice, speak their truth and resolve conflict swiftly and gracefully.

Virtual Topics

    Learn How to Become a Renaissance Leader™ in the Age of Change & Disruption

    Organizational Leaders who thrive in the 21st century do three things well; they challenge the status quo, they make connections others don't think to make and they ask the questions no one is asking.


    Leaders of the Renaissance period were multi-talented. They were honored and valued for their diverse set of skills, interests and gifts. They were disruptive thinkers, always asking “Why” as well as “Why not?”


    How can you become a Renaissance Leader™ who asks new questions, inspires original thinking and disrupts business as usual?


    Jean Marie will energize your mind and heart as she shares the vital skill-set needed to expand your thinking and harness the power of visionary leadership.

    In this interactive session, get ready to:

    • Discover the #1 Skill Renaissance Leaders possess and why it is critical to your organization’s success.
    • "Think” like a Renaissance Leader™ and innovate as a natural way of leading.
    • Learn the five Renaissance Leadership Principles that will shift the way your leaders inspire, motivate and innovate.

    Untapped: How to Uncover Hidden Talent and Unlock New Ideas to Maximize Team Potential

    Did you know that your team has between 30-45% untapped talent and ideas waiting to be discovered? This untapped potential is costing you and your organization millions of dollars in lost productivity, lack of engagement and missed opportunities to innovate. Now, multiply that by all the teams that exist inside your organization.


    Renaissance Leaders know how to tap into that goldmine of talent and innovation before your competitors do.


    Jean Marie will engage your leaders and teams with the tools to uncover hidden talent and unlock new ideas giving your organization a competitive edge in the 21st century.

    In this interactive session, get ready to:  


    • Discover the key to uncover hidden talent and unlock new ideas maximizing productivity within and across teams.
    • Learn the top three innovative ways Renaissance Leaders shift the way their teams engage and collaborate.
    • Acknowledge your team in new ways that inspire them to come to work because they want to not because they have to.

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  • VP of IT Services Global Marketing
    02/16/2022 at 11:13 am

    “Jean Marie made our virtual training session absolutely engaging and a lot of fun. I did not realize until the end of the session that we were on for over 2 hrs. The technology worked seamlessly and does not come in the way of the course content. The course content is just right and covers the essentials of what we needed to get started with coaching our virtual teams.”

    ~ VP of IT Services Global Marketing for a Large Global Consumer Company

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