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Joel Zeff creates energy and is a dynamic speaker, improvisational humorist and author. His interactive performances invite members of the audience to participate in hilarious improvisational exercises that illustrate Joel’s central message:  That organizations and individuals should CELEBRATE every day successes to increase collaboration, productivity, passion and innovation.

Since 1997, Joel has inspired audiences from Wells Fargo to Samsung to KPMG and even the IRS. Yes, the IRS. Joel is a masterful public speaker and a nationally renowned motivator, lifelong humorist and improvisational actor.

His career is a search for fun and passion. He quickly realized the importance of both at his first jobs delivering the hometown newspaper and cleaning up trash at a suburban movie theater.


Watch What Happens When Work Becomes Play

Joel uses a unique blend of improvisational and traditional comedy for his event entertainment. His comedy is hilarious, interactive and perfect for any corporate audience. The same dynamic energy and audience interaction that make his keynotes so engaging, works perfectly as pure entertainment.

Joel can also customize his entertainment performances to include key managers and audience members. His entertainment is perfect for after-dinner, entertaining employees and spicing up conferences. Want to add more power to the entertainment? Joel can include some of his key messages to the performance.

Here is what one of our many satisfied clients told us: "Our [participants] thought you were the funniest man alive."

Are you ready for the next level of corporate event entertainment? How about music? Check. We have an accomplished piano player who opened a comedy show on the Las Vegas strip. How about talented comedic performers? Check. The show involves four performers (including one musical director on piano) with extensive commercial, television and film credits. How about costumes and props? Check. Oh, we can bring funny wigs.

The show involves customized improvisational skits, music, audience interaction, costumes and video. The cast includes some of the best improvisers and comedians in the business. The show is original, interactive, hilarious and customized for any corporate audience.

The material comes from the audience, organization, event, theme, and location. That information is used as the material for the improvisational sketches and songs. The piano player accompanies the group. The audience gets involved in some of the skits that happen on stage and in the audience. It is clean, fun, hilarious, customized and perfect for any corporate or association event.

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Watch What Happens When Work Becomes Play

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Joel is a sought after commercial and industrial actor with more than 200 credits. In Dallas, he was co-host of The Movie Zone on UPN 21.


He has appeared in dozens of commercials for such clients as the Dallas Cowboys, Direct Buy, Harrah's Casino,, Time Warner Cable, Pizza Hut, McDonald's, Eagle Country Markets, and Extraco Bank.


He has appeared in hundreds of corporate videos for clients such as Fujitsu, Sally Beauty Supply, JC Penney, Pepsi, Pier One, and Hewlett-Packard.


Watch What Happens When Work Becomes Play

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