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John Bobb-Semple is a changemaker who lives to build bridges, innovate, and inspire real impact. A sought-after communicator, John speaks on racial reconciliation, resilience, community engagement, culture and leadership development. As a Keynote Speaker, John will ignite your passion to enact change.

John is an inspiring speaker who will give you a framework to activate your values, cultivate the leader within, and unify a community to make a difference. He will ignite you and your audience’s passion to enact change!

John leads Blue Zones Project of Pottawatomie County, a community-wide well-being improvement initiative helping to make healthy choices easier for everyone in Shawnee, Oklahoma. Before joining Blue Zones Project, having served as the Senior Director of Community Impact at the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma.

He holds a bachelor's degree in Political Science from the University Central Oklahoma, where today he serves on the Board of Trustees of the UCO Foundation. Additionally, he serves on the DHS Council of Voices and Advancing Oklahoma: A Statewide Conversation on Race advisory committee. As a Keynote Speaker, John will ignite your passion to enact change.

Keynote Topic #1

The Art of Building Bridges


This session will discuss the power of empathy to build bridges through self-reflection, proximity, and direct engagement. Topics Covered: Diversity & amp; Inclusion; Company Culture; Racial Reconciliation



The impact of the pandemic will be felt for generations worldwide. The current pace of change and ongoing cultural friction is creating an opportunity for difficult conversations around the virtual water cooler and our dinner tables. These conversations can result in a desire to “cancel”, confront, or ignore those who see our world differently.  As professionals navigating the tensions between personal beliefs and experiences and company values, how can we lean in to make positive change in our workplace, families, and communities?


Provide internal and interpersonal tools that:

  1. Increase cultural awareness and understanding
  2. Encourage interpersonal growth in a diverse environment
  3. Build bridges to develop an inclusive organizational culture

Session snippets include:

“Empathy does not require perfection; it requires authenticity and humility.”
“Bridges don’t begin until there is nothing underneath them.”
“On our road toward greater inclusion and diversity, we must remember that there is no change in shame.”

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