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Is your organization in the ongoing cycle of weak leadership, disjoined teams, and the revolving door of recruiting? John Foley Inc: Training knows that The turbulent business world can be daunting, and success doesn’t come out of thin air.

Success comes with Training.

Success comes with investing in the building blocks to elevate teams and make leaders fearless.

Our unique approach to creating an actionable training environment allows each participant to contribute, ‘practice doing’, and apply each skill in a way that increases their success for the long term.

Training Overview:
+ Cadence of Execution

+ Brief & Debrief

+ Glad To Be Here®

+ High Performance Culture

+ Connect, Align, Commit

Your Teams Will:
+ Learn to connect, align and take action on critical goals and objectives.

+ Practice focused awareness and visualization to elevate belief levels.

+ Build respect by leading with courage, self awareness and authenticity.

+ Drive continuous improvement & team synergy through communication.

+ Learn and apply the 5 Dynamics of a Glad To Be Here Debrief call.

+ Acquire fast feedback post-event, periodic, and in real-time.

+ Activate the greatest performance enhancing substance in the world: Gratitude!

How would a Cadence of Fearless Execution impact the results of your organization?
Become a Fearless Leader who can drive change and deliver results.

Fearless Leadership Training Modules Include

Connect, Align, Commit, Execute

Attendees will learn the importance of meaningful engagement, and the strength of a team aligned and committed to a shared vision.

Commit to Excellence & Constant Improvement

Learn the power of a team committed to excellence and constant improvement.

Glad To Be Here Brief & Visualization.

Be introduced to the concept of a focused briefing meeting. The ability of a team to visualize and lock in on objectives.

Glad To Be Here Debrief & the ‘5 Dynamics’

This module teaches the exponential impact of an engaged debrief meeting following the ‘5 Dynamics’.

Glad To Be Here: Attitude of Gratitude

This module explores the fifth and final dynamic - Glad To Be Here. It is the game changer that triggers extreme performance.

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