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Joni Peddie, as Behavioural Strategist enables Leaders, and their teams to become ‘response-ready resilient’.

Resilience is a broad term, and therefore Joni ‘unpacks’ the term by assessing the four (interconnected) Dimensions of Resilience: MIND, BODY, EMOTIONS and PURPOSE.

Pandemic- driven turbulence, ‘waves’ of change and resultant uncertainty has ignited far more ‘mental strain’ than we realise. People are battling with fatigue, and therefore very little  agility to ‘ride’ the necessary waves of change.

Joni’s EQ (Emotional Intelligence) ; Enneagram System of Personality ; Mental Wellbeing and Science of Sleep Programmes are all underpinned by validated Assessments. You can’t manage what you can’t measure! ‘Sustainable behaviour change begins with measurement’. However, measurement is meaningless, unless ‘practical’ techniques are used to address the issues and opportunities!
Joni’s personal purpose statement is her North Star: ”To inspire actionable resilience for people to live their best, and most optimal life !”
She walks-her-talk, in terms of how she self-manages, and how she co-crafts and collaborates within the businesses / clients in which she works.

Joni’s experience ranges from 60min Keynote Talks, to one year programmes, for Teams, Organisations & Business Schools.


South Africa

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