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Joni Peddie is a Professional Keynote Speaker, Executive Coach and Strategic Facilitator.


Leaders and Teams navigating the unprecedented change in their businesses need to learn the various skills that underpin mental, emotional and physical, and purpose-driven  wellbeing.


Resilience is so much more than 'bounce-back'. It is also about being prepared and 'response-ready' and therefore able to 'bounce-forward' after adversity, in order to ride the waves of change. The waves of change don't only come in sets of 7 these days.


There are unexpected, larger and more forceful waves coming at us, which  are much harder to surf! This requires mental, emotional and physical- fitness, which are ALL underpinned by having enough energy and personal agility.


We all want to be  'future-fit', but need to know the  'how to. The technical skills are not enough on their own.


Good business strategies, decisions and execution happens when people work well in teams, are motivated, can handle 'change' and most importantly TRUST each other. These are people issues.


Joni Peddie, as a Behavioural Strategist focuses on the people issues. Her business is called Resilient People.


Joni, and her team deal mainly with middle and senior management teams, sharing pragmatic everyday skills to boost Mental & Emotional Resilience, as well as Wellbeing in the workplace.


The worldwide trend is that people are working longer hours, mainly from their home desk, and therefore in essence 'living at work'.


They may have loads of 'drive', motivation and the desire to be 'of value' to their team / business,  but they are also vocal about feeling depleted, emotionally drained, fatigued and low on energy.


Add this to feeling  'stress-rich', 'time-poor' and suffering ‘decision-fatigue’.... and it's not surprising that 'mental wellbeing' issues are so topical.


These range from being overwhelmed to high anxiety, burnout, depression and unfortunately suicide. It's heart wrenching that in this worldwide pandemic, and health crisis: that on average one Doctor commits suicide every day, in America. There are many other red flags, and statistics from around the world that are equally staggering.


If you're a Doctor in a Hospital, Partner in a Practice or Leader in a Business, you are obligated to up-skill your people, to ensure that they can ride these very different sets of waves and embrace the onslaught of change that is hitting all of us!

These exhilarating times, can also be 'crushing' times for some people.


Joni Peddie's Purpose Statement has been clarified over the 36 years of working in Multinational businesses, and for the last 24 years of running her own business. Joni walks the talk of her personal purpose statement: 'To inspire actionable resilience, for people to live their best, and most optimal life!' Her first book, launched 6 years ago (& still highly relevant)  is called “The FAB Quotient: Experience resilience and fight fatigue”. She is busy writing her 2nd book called “5 specific and practical ways to BOOST your Resilience”.


Joni speaks at conferences, on large ‘virtual’ platforms and /or 'hybrid' conferences.


She facilitates team meetings (also virtually) on a variety of topics including:  Harnessing Change / Building Trust / How to develop Emotional Intelligence? / Performance issues / Maximising Team Dynamics  / The Enneagram of Personality styles for Team Performance / Boosting Resilience / Mental Wellbeing / 'Sleep your way to the top' & Neuro-Leadership topics ”.


As a Behavioural Strategist, her fascination lies in meeting and working with people from around the world. She is based in South Africa, and loves to travel and immerse herself in different cultures. Luckily her hubbie, Gavin shares the same interests and they choose off-beat places, both locally & internationally to travel to each year. (COVID protocols  'approved') Joni loves the outdoors and being active: hiking, trail and road running. She has 5 Comrades Marathons (90km) , and 6 Two Oceans Ultra Marathons (56km) under her belt. Joni’s pride, joy and ‘true delight’ in her life are her two daughters: both in their 20's,   and living their own 'purpose-driven' lives, in their (very different) careers.


Keynote Talks:

The 'resilience' topic is broad. Joni has many certifications that underpin this extensive topic. It is therefore fairly easy to tailor according to the needs of the client / theme of the conference.


The Keynote Talks  can also be extended into half day, full day or a 'journey' of workshops.


Some teams schedule a 'journey' of workshops : one per month, throughout the year. These are coupled with a Resilience Up Assessment at the start. It is then rewarding to measure ROI at the close out of the  'journey'.

Keynote Topic #1


    These can be Key Note Talks & Workshops (2 hour; half or full day). Each Topic is tailored to the needs of your Team or Conference Theme.


    These are Key Note Talks and full day Workshops - tailored to the theme of your Conference & to address the needs of your Organisation.


    • Resilience Assessment Tool focusing on 4 dimensions : Body, Emotions, Mind & Purpose
    • Resilience: 8 powerful ways to RECHARGE in a World of turbulence, stress and complexity
    • Neuro-leadership : Brain-Fog to Brain-Fit …ways in which to improve critical thinking and creativity
    • Cognitive Flexibility … a necessary skill in times of turbulence and change

    The Resilience UP© Profile has been developed by a team of international experts in the fields of resilience and emotional intelligence. The result, a scientifically validated, practical measure of resilience which focuses on 4 Resilience Dimensions: Body, Emotions, Mind & Purpose. In addition there is a self-coaching ‘Resilience Cycle©’ and 8 Performance Indicators.
    The Internationally Accredited Resilience UP© Assessment takes +/- 12 mins online.


    People seem to be feeling (mostly) overwhelmed, anxious and battling with fatigue and / or on the brink of burnout. ‘BOOST©’ is an acronym covering 5 essential topics that need to be addressed in order to fight fatigue and ignite energy. Practical day-to-day tips and techniques are shared … underpinned by a philosophy of small changes & tiny habits to ensure sustainable behaviour change’. There is a BOOST© Assessment that can be done before and after this programme to measure ROI.


    In the mayhem of turbulence, change and the requirements of always ‘being on’… We seem to have forgotten that the game of life is played ‘in the ± 20cm between our ears’. There are a variety of ways to ensure that we grow at least 700 neurons each day and most importantly keep brain fit. Better self-management improves critical thinking & creativity.

    As Leaders, and in Teams we need to overcome the negative effects, setbacks and associated stress that dealing with COVID-19 has had on our cognitive functioning. We need to be mentally strong and agile to deal with these unprecedented times. Remote working and hybrid cross-functional teams are here to stay. This is a series of workshops which includes an Internationally Accredited Online Assessment. The findings from each Team Member’s Assessment is included in their (AI- generated) personalised Workbook. Similar topics are covered, while each Team Member reads their own results in their “tailored” Workbook – this ensures personalised performance measures.

Keynote Topic #2



    Mental Wellbeing

    These are Key Note Talks and full-day Workshops - tailored to the theme of your Conference & to address the needs of your Organisation.

    • Energy Management is the new Stress Management
      … ‘Stress’ is not the enemy. Here are ways to embrace and handle it
    • Pragmatic Neuro-leadership techniques for sleep
      … sleep is inextricably linked to mental wellbeing
    • Mindfulness Techniques
      … Ways to calm your brain in a world of overwhelm
    • 9 Science-backed ways to reduce stress
      … Work smart. Be smart. Live smart.


    These are Key Note Talks and full-day Workshops - tailored to the theme of your Conference & to address the needs of your Organisation.

    ‘Stress’ is not the enemy. Here are ways to embrace and handle it.

    Sleep is inextricably linked to mental wellbeing.

    Ways to calm your brain in a world of overwhelm.

    Work smart. Be smart. Live smart.

    • HR
    • Teams
    • Leadership
    • Suite-C

Keynote Topic #3

    EQ: Emotional Intelligence

    These are Key Note Talks and full day Workshops - tailored to the theme of your Conference & to address the needs of your Organisation.


    • Artificial Intelligence, Human Intelligence and Emotional Intelligence
      … how to navigate the 4th Industrial Revolution
    • IQ, EQ and Personality
      … three vastly different ‘systems’. What can you develop?
    • Team (& Organisation’s ) Vital Signs :

    … The 5 Drivers: Teamwork, Change, Execution, Motivation & Trust

    • Brain Profiles:
      … How does your brain FOCUS (rational or Emotional); Make Decisions (Evaluative or Innovative)  & Drive you ( Practical or Idealistic)?


    These are Key Note Talks and full-day Workshops - tailored to the theme of your Conference & to address the needs of your Organisation.' above the rest of the content.

    Know Yourself, play to your strengths and work more effectively with others.

    Ways in which to leverage the diverse styles in the team.

    Be authentic and communicate in your ‘style’ to boost relationships.

    There are nine way of solving problems; seeing perspectives and influencing one another.

    There are nine ways to apologise. Do this with thought, clarity and sincerity.

        • WeSpeak Global
          11/11/2020 at 4:24 pm

          “The impact you had on my team, and myself have been colossal, it has empowered us to deal with the complexities we face.

          It allowed for Bold Transformation, that allowed for a mind-shift how do we take care of self, and to maximise the individual and team potential.”

          Pedro Rhode, Nedbank

          Keynote Talk - Live

        • WeSpeak Global
          09/20/2020 at 4:25 pm

          “Through her speaking engagements, mentoring, coaching and expertise in a range of content (FAB Quotient, Art of Communication, Media training Skills, Resilience and the Enneagram) she always has deep impact on her audiences. She is confident, energetic and more importantly interested and interesting which is precisely why her audiences love her. Joni inspires me!”

          Shireen Chengadu, Chengadu Advisory (Ltd) Pty

          Keynote Talk - Live

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