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    Although Juli Shulem has helped thousands of individuals become more efficient, less stressed, and better able to manage their time so they can enjoy life more fully, there was more work to be done. I earned a Master’s of Science degree in Industrial Organizational Psychology (IOP) in order to work with companies and affect the dynamics of leaders and team productivity. This combination makes me uniquely qualified to consult and train in the corporate arena, as well as offer ongoing coaching to make sure that new skills and tools are implemented for mastery and success.

    My specialty is coaching and training executives, managers, owners of small to medium sized businesses, entrepreneurs, and solopreneurs who want to reach a greater level of success. Organized and clear communicators make great leaders --- and I help wonderful people become amazing leaders. If you find your skills (or those of people you work with) need fine-tuning, or you are going through a transition…coaching can help make each situation easier and far more manageable. You owe it to yourself to see what coaching can do for your life.


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