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Juli Shulem, M.S., CPC, PCP career as an Organizing Expert began in 1984 organizing medical and dental offices while attending college.

Although I pursued a career as a medical illustrator; entrepreneurship and business took hold instead. I quickly became known as the top Professional Organizer locally and was designing paper management systems of all kinds, organizing companies, and teaching time management and efficiency through workshops and seminars. Then about 2001 all my business clients disclosed that they were struggling with ADHD.

It was then that I realized that this was a very misunderstood and underserved population and I re-directed my focus to helping those with more difficult situations to become organized despite the inherent challenges they dealt with.

For the next decade, I provide coaching services around stress, anxiety, and frustration reduction because people come to me stating they were profoundly overwhelmed. By improving productivity, time management, organization, efficiency, prioritizing ability, decision-making, workflow management, impulse control, as well as the special day-to-day challenges of managing life, clients achieved balance in their lives and joy in their days.

Not Just A Productivity Coach…

Although I have helped thousands of individuals become more efficient, less stressed, and better able to manage their time so they can enjoy life more fully, there was more work to be done. I earned a Master’s of Science degree in Industrial Organizational Psychology (IOP) in order to work with companies and affect the dynamics of leaders and team productivity. This combination makes me uniquely qualified to consult and train in the corporate arena, as well as offer ongoing coaching to make sure that new skills and tools are implemented for mastery and success.

Speaking / Talks:

Sharing experiences and expertise from the past three decades of working in the Organizing and Efficiency field, as well the ADHD arena, is an absolute joy for me. I have so much to share and plan to spend the next decade, or two, doing just that!

I bring energy and passion to the conference stage, or office environment, in order to inspire and motivate those I am helping to educate.

The presentations I offer are listed below and you can download my One Sheet from my bookings page.

Each can be customized to your specific audience. Most range from 45-55 minutes and can be a keynote or breakout session.

With humor, sound ideas, plus tried & true techniques, I impart advice and ideas that give each attendee real ‘take-aways’. If you want your group, organization, or company to walk away with something that can take them to the next level of productivity, happiness, and balance ---bring me in and see why the people below have had such a positive response.

Your company is growing, but your people need structure, balance, and leadership.

  • Are members of your team missing deadlines; walking around stressed and frustrated; running ineffective meetings; and failing to make concrete decisions?
  • Do you want to offer your employees a way to tap into their power and become the productive person you both know they can be?

Now, imagine you have a person, who is vested in YOUR business success, who knows what your company is about, what drives you forward, and knows where you want to go.

Since I don’t spend every waking moment of my life helping others, because after all I practice what I teach, and have balance in my life: In my free time  I dance Argentine Tango and Salsa. In addition, I am a quilt artist creating art pieces for shows and for fun

Keynote Topic #1

"Handling ADHD in the workplace – You’ve got this!"

Thousands of adults are being newly diagnosed with ADHD every year. Some of them are probably working for or with you – and perhaps, it IS you.

It’s hardly a reason to quit or even worry! There are a number of new ways to handle the challenges of ADHD.

As an expert on the topic, Coach Juli can give companies the confidence that they can train their management and staff how to understand and even gain from the energy of those in their ranks who may have ADHD.


There is absolutely no reason to lose a great employee due to disorganization problems, or poor communication and
follow-through. And don’t lose your own job because you didn’t find solutions to the problems you are experiencing.


Come on in and learn about how ADHD can be understood and managed, and even used as a competitive edge.

Keynote Topic #2

“Productivity Despite Distractions”

With the digital world whirling facts and images at us at blinding speed, it’s almost impossible not to be distracted. This might seem harmless, but recent studies show most people take 15-30 minutes just to recover from an interruption, and most of us are interrupted several times daily.


Think how much time we lose each week!

Coach Juli will show how to win that time back by sharing the secret techniques of keeping your mind engaged and


Distractions only waste time.


They typically make us feel anxious and rob us of job satisfaction. Coach Juli’s innovative methods help people focus, reduce distractions, and stay on task.


Your staff and your company will greatly benefit from this presentation. Can YOU ignore that next email alert? Past attendees can!

Keynote Topic #3

"You've got Mail....and Mail...and Mail!"

We now spend an average of 28% of our workday handling emails!

In this presentation, attendees will learn techniques to reduce time wasted on emails, as well as becoming more productive. They will learn how to properly prioritize the handling of emails quickly and efficiently.


Attendees will learn the three “R Rules” of Email Management: Remove it; Respond to it; and Rule over it! If you want to get your inbox down below a 5-digit figure – you want to hear this!

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  • Lisa O.
    01/28/2022 at 1:20 pm

    Lisa O.
    Juli has been invaluable in helping me get projects and paperwork done that were undoable on my own. Having a head injury and mild ADD prevented me from being able to organize things well or get things done in a timely manner. Juli has taught me these skills and also has helped me complete many sundry things. She has tons of knowledge and stamina to help you tackle your toughest projects and really cares about helping you feel and be successful! Thank you, Juli!!!!

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    Value for money

  • Patrice Z.
    01/28/2022 at 1:16 pm

    Patrice Z.
    Juli Shulem has made my life easier and significantly more organized. It was a rather major task since I was utterly disorganized. I went from flying loose sheets of papers with daily tasks strewn about the house, to one simple time management system.

    Juli is energetic, fun and is very talented at getting people organized.

  • Nico C.
    01/28/2022 at 1:16 pm

    Juli would be an asset to any business, it’s owner and team of employees. She comes into any situation, no matter how messy, with an open mind and a loving heart. She fearlessly creates systems for better organization that is tailored perfectly for individual cases. She helped me, and my staff to see areas that needed improvement, and then guided us to take the steps necessary to become more productive and profitable. Every time we had a coaching session with her, my nerves instantly settled and I knew everything was going to be ok.

    Nico C.

  • Chonny Uth
    01/28/2022 at 1:14 pm

    Chonny Uth, Art Manager, Game of Thrones: Conquest, WB Games Boston
    I sought out a coach to help me elevate my effectiveness as an employee and leader at my company, unsure of how the experience would pan out. What Juli ended up providing turned out to be so much more than what I expected. Over the course of six months she helped me sort out problems at the workplace, manage anxiety and obsessive compulsive tendencies, get better organized, and overall granted me a place to bounce off thoughts and ideas. Her advice on team management and navigating a corporate environment proved to be extremely helpful for me, and I am able to keep this wisdom with me and practice it each day.

    Juli’s insight on how human beings think, act, and behave helped push me to become a better, more mindful person. Our personal lives are linked to our professional ones in deep and often inseparable ways, and sorting out issues in one helps us improve the other. If you have the opportunity to work with Juli, I’d highly suggest you do so. Thanks Juli!

  • Brett Pinegar
    01/28/2022 at 1:10 pm

    “I would be remiss if I didn’t give you huge kudos for helping a former coach as effectively as you did. You are a talented coach and a genuine human being. Thanks for the power packed time we spent together. Thank you!”
    Brett Pinegar, CEO LiveIntent

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