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Karen Tardieu - AVP states our human cells renew themselves trillions of times per second, so we are new in every moment. The only reason we feel like the same old us, is because we bring our past into our now to Shift Your Identity For Good.

But with this knowledge, you have the power to create a new you, to Shift Your Identity through new thought habits, into a new job, health state, career, eating habit, or a life of abundance.

This coaching session entails an hour of vibrational calibration where we will focus on a specific change you wish to make in your life:

  • Transmuting any limiting beliefs you currently hold (and may not be aware you are) in order to manifest the change.
  • Understanding how to quantum jump into parallel realities.
  • Identifying the State you which to embody and how to maintain it.
  • Daily routine to be followed for maximum results.
  •  Understanding the process for reality creation.

Join me me for a 1 hour session 1-2-1 or sign up for a group session.

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