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As an Quantum Shifting Mindset Coach, Karen Tardieu helps people rediscover their true powers by understanding how their emotions affect the quality of their daily lives.


Why Work With Me?
Conscious Emotional Intelligence is knowing the role Emotions play in your physiology. Being aware of your body as each emotion grows in momentum, and consciously guiding it towards a desired result or outcome.

It is the understanding that others react to your emotions, and your greatest point of control is therefore your emotions. This enables you to be more compassionate towards others,  and allows you to manage relationships more effectively.

People Who Are Consciously Emotionally Intelligent Are
• Self-Aware - Aware of their emotional state at all times
• Have self-control - Over their impulses and emotions
• Compassionate - Understand the Emotional process, and apt at recognizing it in others and therefore do not judge or stereotype.
• Visionaries who see beyond the now, into the infinite possibilities in people and the organisation.

My qualifications include am Certification as a Canfield Success Principles Trainer, a B.MSc. in Metaphysical Sciences & BSc. & in International Business Administration. I have +20years’ experience in Corporate Talent Development & Coaching in multinationals in the Middle East, Europe and Africa.

My industry experience spans from Aerospace, Retail to Manufacturing and Education and I am trilingual, Swati, French & English.

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  • Spoken Languages
    English/ French

Table View, 7441, Blouberg, Western Cape, South Africa

Keynote # 1

Mental Alchemy - Redefining Power

  • What Power or Strength means.
  • How To Access Your Power.
  • How Be Powerful Moment to Moment.

This Keynote is For You If

  • Want to take your project/business to the next level and you are starting to understand that - that means, taking yourself to the next level.
  • You are doing things by the book and still not getting results.
  • Despite your working hard your effort is not compensated as you know it should.
  • You are ready to surrender and stop 'efforting.'





- Emotional Alchemy - Redefining Power.
- Building Relationships - We Get Who We Feel We Deserve.
- Shift Into Your New identity - How To Embody the State of Your New Identity.
- Emotional Bootstrapping - Honoring How Your Mind and Body Complex Works.
- The Sentient CEO - Sensing Beforehand and Making Decisions That Will Be Favourable To Your Objectives.

Expert On:
  • Conscious Emotional Intelligence
  • Emotional Alchemy
  • Identity Shifts
  • Building Relationships
  • Emotional Bootstrapping
  • Being A Sentient CEO



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