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Kate Emmerson has shared her enLIGHTening ideas with over 45,000 people and her obsession with productivity, leveraging and de-cluttering translates.

South Africa’s foremost clutter expert, sought after international speaker, professional lifestyle coach, mastermind facilitator for other writers, runs retreats in idyllic locations and is the author of 2 books.

Kate is hell-bent on inspiring an energetic transition to LIVE LIGHT, LIVE LARGE by transforming South Africa and the world one shelf, one life, one home, one heart and one business at a time.

Kate Emmerson is considered a down-to-earth coach, advisor and mentor who is always seeking a better version of life. With a huge appetite for change, love, travel, food, authenticity, wine, coffee and a raucous laugh - she is always up for an adventure somewhere new.

She is at home dressed to the nines at the opera or ballet playing city gal she is in walking shoes traversing the boggy moors soul-searching. She is a pretty good salsa dancer and can whip up a meal. She somehow pulled off being an executive chef in a villa (one summer in Provence as a self-proclaimed non-chef). She owned a Harley-Davidson once upon another life, is always searching for heart-shaped rocks on remote beaches, and still misses her beloved cat, Stripey, who has a new forever home.

Kate will help you question your life, your choices and how you spend your time, but is equally someone you can sip a flute of champagne with somewhere idyllic while flirting with life. Mostly she thinks out of the box and just isn't afraid to take up space in the world.

She will not let you shrink back from challenges, but she may help you question if it is even the right challenge to be tackling? A bit of real authentic common sense.

Kate Emmerson

Her books are now internationally published through appearing in the award winning movie “The Secrets of the Keys”, alongside the world’s self development leaders.

She has taken her message to the next level with THE MINIMALIST MANIFESTO and living location free for 2016.

Clients include the YPO/WPO, Nike, Massmart, Sage VIP Payroll, Investec, Air Mauritius, Dove, HP, Tsogo Sun, EY and Dermalogica.

Kate inspires audiences by drawing on her vast experience and colourful life – combining a degree in Industrial Psychology, post graduate Industrial Relations, Master life coaching, practitioner of NLP and EFT along with owning her first family business in the wellness industry at age 25, a professional aromatherapist and reflexologist, as an executive chef in Provence, managing the sexy Fashion TV at Silverstar and owning a Harley Davidson at 40.

Ms Emmerson was recently handpicked to appear as an expert in the transformational film “The Secrets of the Keys” (USA) and is the brand ambassador for DERMALOGICA, Essential Earth and Velamiyora Photography.

She truly lives her life according to the principles of being courageous, authentic and honest and is one of the main reasons clients are drawn to working with her.

Kate Emmerson believes in the possibility that anyone can shift his or her life when pairing deep intention with a logical step-by-step guide.

She wrote her first book, CLEAR YOUR CLUTTER to leverage her time and influence after realizing there are only so many homes she can personally go into to physically declutter.

Kate has since helped thousands of clients all over the world let go of emotional, body and physical clutter and disorder.

It is her mission to inspire people to LIVE LIGHT, LIVE LARGE.

Her second book, DITCH YOUR GLITCH was written to support people on the next leg of the journey by following her process of STEP IN, STEP UP and STEP OUT.

She also shares her own journey of how she let life get the better of her several times, battling bulimia, financial loss and depression and shares this in a story titled “WHEN THE RABBITS STOMP”.

With courage and determination Kate reminds you to take charge of your life, and that anyone can get their life back on track, no matter how many “rabbits are stomping”.

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