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Katerina Cozias is America’s Media Mindset Mentor. As a media and communications expert, on-camera TV host and best selling author, Katerina is the founder of VasGeo Media Corp. With a proven portfolio of success, she knows what it takes to successfully pitch to the media in a way that not only increases exposure but successfully adds to bottom line profits of her clients.

An innovative communicator with extensive media training and professional spokesperson expertise, both on camera and off, Katerina’s warm, personable style wins trust and helps build relationships with all audiences.


Equal part motivator, entertainer and friend, as a professional speaker Katerina effectively conveys stories and personal change-techniques to groups of any type or size. Her speaking strength coupled with a high degree of professionalism and personal integrity make her ability to convey inspirational and motivational messages impressive.

Her travels have seen her present in cities including, but not limited to Miami, New York, Hong Kong, Athens, Moscow, Dubai, Cannes, Monte Carlo and The Bahamas. Katerina has a gift for lifting people up and helping to fuel their passion for life. In her capacity as an empowerment speaker, she offers an array of motivational, inspirational and empowering speech topics including what it truly takes to cultivate a media mindset and can be available to speak at conferences, seminars and targeted events as a keynote speaker, group influencer or workshop instructor.

Audiences leave Katerina’s talks with tangible skills and actionable tools to rapidly increase their ability to impact and grow their connections, build their authority, boost their influence and increase their revenue. Her 7-figure communication secrets and media tactics training see her clients gain national exposure and house-hold name status.

Katerina is a highly experience event MC and conference Host.

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  • Deji Wesey
    05/22/2022 at 4:02 pm

    A powerhouse on stage and in person, Katerina’s ability to command the room makes her not only an asset to any conference or workshop, but also a memorable partner. I would be glad to team up with Katerina again and again.

    – Deji Wesey, President, Westside Toastmasters

    Keynote Talk - Live

  • Christos Livadas
    05/22/2022 at 4:01 pm

    Katerina is one of the most captivating speakers I have seen live in a long while. Her passion for the message she shares is infectious.

    – Christos Livadas, Global Entrepreneur

    Keynote Talk - Live

  • Catherine Cosentino
    05/22/2022 at 4:01 pm

    Reminding women to be confident in who they are is something Katerina truly excels in. She is a shining example of Selfcess™ and an inspiration to both women and men alike.

    Catherine Cosentino, Founder of La Dolce Vita

    Keynote Talk - Live

  • WeSpeak Global
    05/22/2022 at 4:01 pm

    A joy and inspiration to those looking to tap into their true bliss, Katerina is one of those rare individuals who can effectively communicate the “why” that is needed to really motivate people to grow in life and love.

    Getty Azod, Author of Communication Beyond Words

  • Jasmyn Russell
    05/22/2022 at 4:01 pm

    You will be thrilled at having made the decision to book Katerina to speak at your conference or live event. Not only does she add value to any group discussion, she leaves audiences feeling lighter, freer and more capable than they were when they come in. Trust me when I say that you will want to continue to book her, again, and again, and again… And if you are lucky, she will say yes.

    Jasmyn Russell, President Atma Shanti Retreats

    Keynote Talk - Live

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