Katie Spotz is an adventurer, acclaimed motivational speaker and a passionate safe water advocate. She became the youngest person to row solo across the Atlantic Ocean and was honoured as ‘Woman of the Year” in 2011 not only for her feat but for the inspiring example she sets to others.


Katie Spotz Definition Of Success | True failure is a failure to try. The outcome is irrelevant. Success is in trying to do something you never thought possible and getting up every time you fall. Success is falling nine times and getting up ten.


My Highlights | In 2010, I set the world record for the youngest person to row solo across the Atlantic. Along the way I raised more than $250,000 for safe water projects in Haiti, Honduras, Guatemala, Nicaragua, and Kenya.


The Difference Between good And Great | Genuine and sincere passion. Greatness is the result of following that deep passion.


Characteristics Of Greatness | Listening to intuition. Accepting fear. Remembering that there is nothing that life hands you that you cannot handle.


Principles I Live By | Every step you make is taking you in some direction either further or closer to your destiny. One of the questions I ask myself every day is whether I am getting further away or closer to my goals.


Lessons I’ve Learnt | The unexpected is to be expected. It’s part of life. It doesn’t reflect on your abilities. What you do with your setback does. You have the choice on whether you allow setbacks to take control of you or you to take whatever situation you have been given and making the most of it. Everything in life has something to teach us. Remembering that there is nothing that life hands you that you cannot handle.


Dealing With Doubt | Fear is not the problem. You can have fear and allow it to stop you, or you can have fear and risk anyway. Either way, the fear is there. Fear and pain arise to be healed not avoided.


The Meaning Of Life | To be present to it.


The Best Advice I’ve Received | Whether you see it or not you have purpose beyond measure. We all do.


The Legacy I Would Like To Leave | My vision is for a world where everyone has access to clean, safe drinking water and I would like my legacy to be that 100,000 people would gain access to this most important basic need.

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