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Keith Herman is sought out globally for his powerful, empowering, and inspirational keynote speeches.

He delivers straight from the heart with his personal story-based experiences filled with challenges, failures, and successes.

He takes advantage of the fact that stories are 22 times more memorable than facts to connect with the audience.

Further, he is very candid about the inherent injustices and inequalities that exist all around us. Notably, he makes sure not to candy coat life.

Keith also uses a direct and purposefully descriptive style to take you to the absolute highs and lows, stretching even the best imaginations.

And importantly, he connects with audiences on a deep and personal level. As a result, they leave empowered with new insight and wisdom ready to take on success.

Within every speech are unity, cooperation, collaboration, and potentiality. Moreover, he illuminates the tools for success and their instructions.

Because, without knowing how to use the tools, the challenge is too daunting.

The consequences make self-empowerment and self-improvement easily achievable, lowering the barriers to success.

And last, he speaks about a call to action. Because without action, there can be no progress.

Additionally, he is a firm believer in diversity and inclusion. Further, he enjoys speaking with diverse audiences.

It is because they reflect the essence of his journey and a great deal of his success. As a consequence, for this reason, he encourages speeches to be tailored to best suit the audience.

Finally, audiences include fortune 100/500 companies, Founders, C-Level Executives, VC & PE Firms, Family Offices, UHNW, developers investors, lawyers, and conference attendees.

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