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Why We’re Providing Live, Virtual Presentations from Kenyon Salo, We’re all facing challenging times and needs are shifting.


In our industry, the nature of speaking, events, and the way businesses provide value to their audiences is rapidly changing, so we’re working hard to adapt our services and continue providing value that improves people’s lives.


Kenyon has delivered many high end speaking engagements, both nationally and internationally, which he’s now transformed into a powerful online event that can be broadcast live for any audience, any time, with the best production equipment available.


Everything Included In Kenyon’s Virtual Presentation


Pre event promo video for virtual event

Full in-house studio production

4k resolution of presentation with outside high-end camera (not computer webcam)

Standing presentation with camera at eye level

Professional lighting and sound (headset mic worn for high quality audio)


Professional backdrop (Kenyon does not use shotty zoom backgrounds)


Event/organization personalization with tailored messaging

Delivery of presentation with super high energy

Audience engagement and interaction

Use of high quality videos throughout presentation

Fully edited video of final production with high quality sound, video and graphics inserted for sharing and replay.


Intermittent scrolling chat responses can also be added in final edit.

Post event thank you video/summary for attendees (2-3 minutes)

Post event ‘Sorry you missed the event’ video with link to fully edited video for replay (2-3 minutes)

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