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With more years of experience than seem possible for someone so young-looking (oh, go on…), Kerry Barrett has become known for overcoming a massive and debilitating fear of public speaking and using that experience to help clients break through mindset issues and cultivate their video X-factor, or what she calls Video IQ (VIQ).


About that Fear

My fear of public speaking wasn’t a rational fear. It crippled me — sending me into the proverbial fetal position, paralyzed by anxiety and insecurity. So, how did I end up with a 20+ year career in the news business, speaking to an audience of millions every day and even winning an Emmy®.


It started with a childhood spent overseas. I was always interested in learning about other people — their cultures, how they lived and their personal stories. This influenced not only my career path in communications, but also my innate ability to recognize interesting stories in others. Basically, when you go to school for Speech and Communication Studies, you have no choice but to face your public-speaking phobia.


Over time, with a lot of hard work and a large splash of self-confidence, I didn’t just kick that once crippling fear to the curb, I turned it into one of my core strengths.


Kerry works as a motivational speaker helping people overcome fear. I teach workshops and seminars on the art of public speaking and speaking on camera to help grow their business, brand and confidence. I have personal experience as a mom, military wife, someone who has struggled with multiple miscarriage and a global traveler. I have hosted countless speaking engagements, charity auctions, public events and fundraisers.

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  • Skills Productions LIC
    11/07/2022 at 2:48 pm

    If you’re looking to elevate your brand’s digital presence and optimize your video content creation, Kerry Barrett Consulting is the company for you. Kerry is an award-winning storyteller and can help any business succeed with both video strategy and video content

    Manuela S., Skills Productions LIC

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